Kris reveals her relationship status with Jeymi months after the tell all was filmed

 Kris Foster, The villain of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, is clearing the air about her current relationship with Jeymi Noguera, months after the tell episodes were filmed. Kris and Jeymi's path to marriage was fraught with red flags. The Alabama native had never met in person with her partner before deciding to leave the United States and move permanently to Colombia. Kris had endless problems since her arrival to the South American country, including her medical challenges, financial difficulties, and legal worries back home. The couple's appearance on Season 4 of The Other Way demonstrated that their marriage was in trouble, but neither had formally confirmed whether they were divorced or not. Many 90 day fiancé fans have left questions on social media asking:" Kris and Jeymi are they still together?", but thanks to Kris' comment on her Instagram @crazykboog1, now we got the answer.

Kris and Jeymi informed Shaun Robinson during Part 1 of the Tell All that they hadn't spoken since they ended filming for season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Their last moment together was a horrible experience for both. The couple got into an explosive disagreement that concluded with Kris shoving Jeymi.

Jeymi admitted to falling in love with a scam and ended up cheating on Kris while she was in America dealing with her son's legal difficulties. When Shaun inquired about the ladies' marriage status, Kris replied, "There is no marriage." Jeymi, for her part, responded, "Marriage? "I'm not married." Despite Kris wanting to get back with Jeymi and even offering to bring her to the US, nothing helped. Jeymi's forgiveness doors are permanently closed, and now, Kris has confirmed on her Instagram when she answered a fan's question that she and Jeymi are done for good.

Kris received a question in the comments section of one of her recent posts from a follower who asked, "So I'm confused married or not?" Kris' response was succinct: "not."

While Kris has kept images from her and Jeymi's wedding day on her Instagram profile, Jeymi has deleted all photos of the two of them together. Kris has received scathing criticism from the viewers this season. She's been accused of being a drug addict, of being abused for shoving Jeymi during their disagreement, and many 90 day fiancé fans believe that she's a compulsive liar.

During the season, there were some remarks from the fans that Jeymi can do a lot better than Kris. She may be a perfect candidate for 90 Day: The Single Life because she is single now and has a great and amusing personality. Jeymi is upset by her turbulent relationship with Kris, but she appears to be ready to move on with her life and meet someone new. Even after a horrible encounter with a foreign partner, Jeymi is open to dating people from various countries, but she is looking for a lady that matches her peaceful character.