Jenny and Sumit are crushed by the loss of a family member

Jenny Slatten, star of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise shared a depressing post on her personal Facebook profile about the passing of her dearest family member, Spotty. The couple lost their dog and wrote a post about their loss. Many couples who don't have kids together usually adopt pets and treat those animals like family members, which is why Jenny and Sumit were devastated after losing their pet.

The famous couple is well known for their tumultuous journey on multiple 90 day fiancé spin off tv shows, which ended on a high note when they settled in India. Jenny and Sumit have prospered as a married couple and enlarged their two person family by adopting a dog. In 2021, the couple shared a nice update about caring for a street dog and her four puppies. Spotty, Pepper, Dusky, and Tanner were the names given to the puppies by the TLC couple.

While everything has been going great for them since 2021, Jenny and Sumit recently revealed that they said their final goodbyes to one of their old friends. The couple recently uploaded photos of their ailing dog, Spotty, on the veterinarian's table on Facebook.

The 65 year old American wrote as a caption on the picture: "We lost our doggy. We will miss you Cutie girl.". She also added a set of crying, praying and heart breaking emojis to express her sorrow. While Californian star didn't reveal much, she did reveal in the comments section that her beloved dog just became sick and died despite her and Sumit's best efforts.

Jenny and Sumit's fans on Facebook joined the couple in honoring the dog by expressing their sympathies. "This has hit me at a personal level, praying God to bless Spotty's soul" one of Jenny's fans said, . "I remember the Cutie dog in the video with Sumit feeding it" another Facebook user said. Many 90 day fiancé fans sent love and support to the couple. Pauline Potter, a TLC cast member from My 600-Lb Life, also asked Jenny what happened to Spotty because she wasn't very old. Jenny answered her by saying that she really doesn't know, adding that she had become ill and was unable to recuperate.

Social media is usually full of trolls and haters, however, in times like this, Jenny and Sumit's post attracted over a thousand sympathetic responses, largely because people now care about them. When the two first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé, there was a lot of skepticism about their chances of being together forever, with many believing Sumit was simply a catfish hoping to make it to the United States. The young Indian man, on the other hand, proved everyone wrong by sticking at Jenny's side and building a magnificent home in India. People relate to the couple's ups and downs because of their loving relationship and social media adventures. As a result, it's easy to see why the two received so much love on Spotty's parting post.

This isn't the first time Sumit and Jenny have been in pain because of their dogs. In 2021, the 65 year old TLC personality revealed how she nearly lost her black puppy to the Canine parvovirus, but a veterinarian spared the dog's life. Jenny also claimed that their golden tanned puppy Tanner had been stolen from their home. The pair has now lost their best pal and appears to be heartbroken. Hopefully, the 90 Day Fiancé franchise couple will be able to recover quickly from the tragedy and come to terms with Spotty's death.