Ella flaunts her new body after a massive weight loss

 Ella Johnson from before the 90 days season 5 is looking thinner after following a strict diet and losing a lot of weight. She told her Instagram followers that she slimmed down after her split with her Chinese ex boyfriend Johnny. She has shed a significant amount of weight since her previous tv appearance. The Idaho native met Johnny through a Facebook group that matches white women with Asian men, because apparently, that's a thing. Ella acquired a fetish for Asian men as a result of her passion in anime and felt she had struck gold with Johnny. The Chinese guy was divorced single dad and he was planning to go to the United States to marry Ella. He worked for an electric vehicle factory in Shanghai and was forced to resign on his trip many times due to the risks and restrictions in his country because of C0vid.

Recently, Ella Johnson has updated her Instagram followers with a new post, which was a black and white selfie of her. In which, she said that she's been so crazy busy with stuff, and that's why she didn't post that much. However, the second photo depicted Ella's current appearance after shedding almost 25 pounds. She posed in front of a mirror, dressed in mid-rise dark blue jeans and a scarlet t-shirt, to photograph her lean form. She told her followers:" Here are some pictures for you, I've been working hard here at the ranch full time" implying that her new physique was not not just from dieting but also from hard physical farm work.

Johnny appeared to be genuine about meeting Ella on before the 90 Days, but then he began making excuse after excuse to postpone the trip. Johnny's explanations were likewise valid. He was concerned about what would happen to his family and Stoney if he became ill. Johnny was the sole breadwinner for his family, which included his elderly parents and kid. Ella, on the other hand, didn't want to wait any longer for Johnny. She devised a plan to meet Johnny somewhere they could quarantine together before going to the United States, and she gave him an ultimatum that if he didn't comply, she'd start seeing other men.

Ella's expectations did not sit well with Johnny. He intended their relationship to remain monogamous, but Ella cheated on Johnny with a friend. Johnny still desired Ella and even inquired about her ring size. After the Tell-All, the couple was still going strong. Ella and Johnny featured in 90 Day Diaries, revealing that Johnny had intended to meet her in February 2022, but he had to reschedule the trip owing to his employment. Johnny wanted to take the risk and quit his job, which would have enhanced his chances of meeting Ella, but she was fed up with waiting and decided she was done. Ella started back in September 2022 that she and Johnny were no longer together.