Debbie uses her Social media to justify calling Jeymi a predator

 Despite the 90 day fiancé fans' negative reactions, Debbie Aguero is still repeating her alarming predator remark about castmate Jeymi Noguera which she said on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way season 4 Tell All. Miss Debbie claims she received an insider information, which prompted her to lash out at Jeymi. Jeymi is unconcerned by the statement, as she recently released a video on her Instagram mocking it. Nonetheless, viewers are still upset on her behalf, and Debbie has been chastised on social media.

Nothing will ever change with Debbie. It looks like she is not going to apologize for her remarks on the tell all, because she's had time to contemplate and read all of the criticism online, and she's still refusing to back down. The 67 year old came to the conclusion that Jeymi was the source of her marital problems with Kris Foster because Kris told her some details, which were not filmed or shown during the show. Both Kris and Debbie call those details "receipts", however none of them have shown these receipts yet to the viewers to back up their claims. By being with a man who is 47 year old younger than her and supporting Kris, it's clear that Debbie is a poor judge of character.

Debbie is gradually acquiring fans and followers on her social media, but even those who adore her are criticizing her for the predator remark. One Instagram user recently stated, "Debbie I love you but that comment u made about Jamie is out of line period."

In response to the fan's comment, the TLC star stated that she offended Jeymi on purpose because she got  some insider information that showed her the true face of the Venezuelan. She seemed to be talking about Jeymi at first, but she was actually talking about Kris Foster. Debbie told her fan that Kris is no angel, but when people are subjected to severe abuse, they become statistics. She also stated that she was also flawed as well, but she understands what's going on behind the scenes, and Kris is being subjected to so much hatred that it's very concerning.

Debbie has spoken out in support of Kris before, and we're not just talking about the Tell All. Her remarks regarding Jeymi were disturbing, and no one else in the cast agreed with her, nor did any of the fans watching, according to the fans' comments on all social media. Kris has received a lot of backlash online since the season began, with many accusing her of being a drug addict, and Debbie wants the backlash to stop. It was also said that the TLC producers asked the cast members in the tell all to take it easy on Kris, because they were worried that she was going to do something crazy in the studio if she got triggered and that may result her hurting herself or a fellow cast member.

Miss Debbie recently begged people to be sympathetic with Kris, but unfortunately the drug accusations haven't stopped. Meanwhile, She still stands by Kris and she left a reply to a fan's comment in which she confirmed that she doesn't care if people start hating her, what's said is said and there is no going back now.