Chuck Potthast just welcomed a new granddaughter to his big family

 Chuck Potthast of 90 Day Fiancé congratulated his daughter Becky for giving birth to his new granddaughter who's name is Saga Ann. The happy grandpa posted 3 pictures on Instagram, one of him holding his new granddaughter and two pictures of Becky holding her newborn baby and he added as a caption:" Celebrating my Granddaughter Saga Ann!! Becky & Saga doing great!! ".

In the last 12 months, Chuck has become a granddaddy to two more grandkids as his daughter Libby also had a baby boy back in October 2022. Back then, Libby revealed the good news on her Instagram exactly on the 4th of October. She told her fans that she had given birth to a healthy baby boy, Winston Leo Castravet. He weighed 7 pounds, 20 ounces, and measured 20 inches long. Libby stated that they are already enjoying being a family of four and that she is loving the baby boy energy. Ellie appeared to be just as enthusiastic as Libby when she said that she's all about her baby brother. Ellie is also shown kissing and holding her brother in the social media posts that were shared by Libby.

So far, only Chuck has congratulated Becky, still no likes or comments from the rest of the family like Libby or Charlie. It's possible that they did congratulate her in real life, but knowing how social media influencers are, it's possible that there are still feuds within the family, or else Libby could've at least posted a simple Instagram story to send wishes to her sister.

Despite their feud on Happily Ever After, Libby was quick to congratulate sister Becky on her pregnancy, back when Becky revealed that she and her husband were expecting a baby girl in May, alongside a picture of Becky's modest baby bulge. Libby was excited for her sister and wrote that she couldn't wait to meet her new niece. Libby also stated that her daughter Ellie would be overjoyed to have a girl cousin, and that Becky's son Mads will make an excellent big brother. However, now that the baby is born, Libby didn't back up what she said.

Happily Ever After season 7 is not the first time Libby and Becky have a disagreement. During the show, they always argued about Andrei, as they have done since his arrival in the United States. Libby and Becky's siblings Jenn Potthast and Charlie Potthast have also stated their dislike for Andrei, and the majority of the family frequently gangs up on him, which irritates Libby. However, tensions have risen over time, as Becky was never physically hostile with Andrei until that season.

While many fans of 90 Day Fiancé dislike Libby and Andrei, they still prefer them to Libby's troubled family. At the end of the day, Libby and Becky are still sisters and they will make it work between them somehow.