Angela Deem teams up with Molly Hopkins for a new challenge

 Angela Deem of 90 Day Fiancé is taking on a new fitness challenge for 30 days with a surprise cast member from the franchise. In the TLC reality TV show, the 57 year old from Georgia native pioneered the idea of getting weight loss surgery. Angela married her boyfriend and 90 Day Fiancé Nigerian cast member Michael Ilesanmi, who is 22 years her junior, which is why she wanted to look youthful for him. Angela had five weight loss procedures in 2020, including a gastric sleeve treatment, a br*ast reduction, and liposuction. She shed more than 100 pounds in a matter of months, but it appears that she is regaining weight in 2023.

Recently, Angela Deem posted an Instagram reel with the caption, "I am starting this new journey and I want to thank Molly." Angela mentioned that Molly Hopkins is a close friend of hers with whom she frequently speaks on the phone.

Molly frequently posts about a kind of weight management drink on her Instagram @mollyhopkins, and it appears that she has motivated and inspired Angela to do the same. "I've decided to give it a shot because y'all know I need the vitamin support," Angela explained, inviting her followers to join her and participate in the 30 day challenge. Angela's fitness goals are to cut back and eventually quit drinking coke.

Angela also wants her healthy teeth, hair, and nails back, as stated in her social media post. Her fans, on the other hand, want her to first quit smoking. "What's the point of any vitamins or whatever else she's promoting when the most serious threat to her health is smoking?" one of her Instagram followers asked. While Angela did not mention weight loss as part of her health journey, Molly was seen by 90 Day Fiancé fans sharing before and after images of her weight reduction after taking what appears to be the same product.

It's true that Angela's weight loss journey is inspirational. She understood she had to take charge of her health as her condition deteriorated. While looking young for Michael was her main motivation for losing weight, she also wanted to live a long life so she could spend more time with her grandkids. She, however, has an addiction to Coca Cola, which she drinks more than water, and she was also known for smoking like chimney behind the scenes. It's a bad habit that she has picked up since his teenage years. Perhaps, her new healthy lifestyle choices will help her amaze 90 Day Fiancé fans once again and convert her doubters into her supporters.