90 day fiance fans got Natalie fired from a modeling gig

 Natalie Mordovtseva's automobile commercial is being mocked by 90 day fiancé fans which made the auto dealer regret hiring her for the job. The show fans believe that Natalie lacks the talent to make a life from modeling on social media. 38 year old Natalie used to be an actress and model in her hometown of Kyiv. She placed her career on hold when she decided to marry Mike Youngquist and relocate to the United States. The Ukrainian wished to make it big in Hollywood, but her ex husband lived in the woods, far from Los Angeles, where Natalie wished to dwell. Natalie was fortunate in that she left Mike in less than a year and relocated to Florida, where she met her second partner, Josh Weinstein.

Natalie has made her dreams come true and eventually moved to California with Josh, where she is launching a new career as an Instagram influencer. She wrote in her most recent Instagram video post that she was in a luxury car shop and eagerly stood next to a car, shouting: "Oh my god, look at this Audi."

Unexpectedly, Natalie,  proceeded to touch the automobile and screamed that it was already sold. Natalie shifted and sat atop a separate luxury vehicle, squealing: "But guess what? This vehicle has also been sold. " And that move triggered many of the 90 day fiancé fans. "OH NO... don't SIT ON THE CAR!!! " Exclaimed one car enthusiast in the comments section of her post. "She shouldn't be putting her prints on those cars! " Said another.

"This woman has no talent!" commented one of Natalie's Instagram followers. "If they're sold, why are you showing them?" inquired another. According to the comments on Natalie's video, her first ever ad to sell cars was not well welcomed and the owner is probably regretting his choice for the influencer he chose to promote his business. This could imply that Natalie will have problems getting future jobs to market products on Instagram, which has been one of her sources of income since being a cast member on 90 Day Fiancé shows and spin offs. Natalie cooperated with a loungewear brand in April 2023, but the setting where she filmed her video wasn't perfect because it was a mall and she was wearing pajamas, which her supporters found tasteless.

Natalie previously tried selling packaged food after professing to be a vegetarian during disagreements with Mike on 90 Day Fiancé for years. She has stated that she will be making a comeback with Josh on 90 Day: The Single Life season 4. This means that the Ukrainian's TLC checks never ceased coming, she's been employed by TLC almost every year since she came to the States. She makes extra money from Cameo and does post professional pictures of her on Instagram that could be from modeling gigs. Natalie has a small YouTube channel that she may be planning to revive in the future with new content.

Natalie may have to think twice about how she posts about her partnerships on Instagram now that her car ad has failed. Fans have encouraged Natalie to talk more slowly, which may come in handy when she shoots her next video. It's great that Natalie is gradually working towards her modeling aspirations in America, but if she follows the ideas of her 90 Day Fiancé followers, Natalie may continue to improve at what she does.