Veronica was spotted with her new boyfriend filming for the single life season 4(video)

 Veronica Rodriguez and Jamal Menzies of 90 Day Fiancé are not only still together, but are also filming a new spin-off show in San Diego and they were being followed by a camera crew everywhere. They were sighted by many fans filming together in San Diego and were confirmed to be still dating. One of the fans who is also a content creator on TikTok under the name of @madelyn.gooch, saw the couple in the San Diego airport and even shot a video of them holding hands and kissing while being filmed.

Veronica, 37, was last seen in 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 dating a man named Justin Foster. She was previously married and divorced, and now she desires to find a serious man to have a relationship with, which contradicts with what she's doing now with Jamal. After Veronica split from Justin, Kim Menzies' son Jamal slid into her Instagram dms and asked her for a date, and then everyone was surprised to see the pair sitting together during the single life season 3 Tell-All. In her new relationship with the younger guy, marriage was out of the question for Veronica because Jamal was unwilling to truly commit to the relationship.

However, lately the 90 Day Fiancé couple Veronica and Jamal appear to have begun a serious relationship. They were spotted together in San Diego, according to the TikToker and below is the video she shot of them. The duo was spotted at the San Diego airport and many fans shot pictures and videos of them. The fans on social media who shared the pictures stated that Veronica and Jamal were holding hands, but stressed because there were a lot of people around them, plus the TLC camera crew.

It's clear that Veronica and Jamal were filming for a new season of 90 Day: The Single Life, given that's where they were initially unveiled as a possible couple. Even though Jamal was determined about not dating Veronica, she appeared smitten with him, as if she had a schoolgirl crush on him. Even Veronica's co-stars, Tim Malcolm and Natalie Mordovtseva, questioned Jamal on why he wouldn't devote all of his time and attention to Veronica, who they regard as an absolute perfectionist. However, Jamal was sleeping with other women at the time and expected Veronica to date other men as well.

In actuality, Jamal had a couple of reasons for not dating Veronica, one of them was that he was dealing with family issues back home and also because he's dealing with depression on a daily basis. Also, Jamal still lives in San Diego with his mom, whereas Veronica resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her teenage daughter. Veronica and Jamal, 27, have been sighted together on several times since then. According to some leaked images of the new 90 Day Fiancé couple, Veronica accompanied Kim and Jamal in Mexico to celebrate Kim's birthday. It makes sense for them to return for another season because there is so much interest in them.