Usman posts a statement to confirm the end of his relationship with Kimberly

 Kim Menzies and Usman Umar's relationship appears to be ended, and many 90 Day Fiancé fans have warm words for Kim, despite the fact that they anticipated the separation coming. The former pair appears to be the latest 90 Day Fiancé couple to split up, and viewers are shockingly sympathetic to Kim. The duo who recently appeared on 90 day fiancé happily ever after season 7, supposedly called it quits not so long after the tell all episodes. Their last season together had many controversial moments, and was riddled with polygamy questions, and Usman wanting to adopt his brother's son. Despite the fact that many viewers suspected Usman was exploiting Kim from the start and that the American was naïve, many fans nonetheless showed their support for Kim on social media.

90 day fiancé fans can still watch the four part Tell All of happily ever after season 7 to find out what happened between Kim and Usman. Meanwhile, to finish the subject once and for fall, Usman released an official statement on his Insatgram @officialsojaboy to confirm his split from Kimberly. The Nigerian rapper wrote as a caption on his post:" Hello everyone, it has come to my notice that lot’s of 90 Day fans are feed with wrong information and spreading fake news. I received more 100 DMs that I want Kimberly back and so I need to clear the air, Kimberly and I has always and will always respect each other but we have no chance on getting back together bcus we find it difficult to work on our differences, as it’s right now we both have moved on and we are happy. Pls stop promoting and spreading fake news, thank you."

Sojaboy was right, a lot of 90 day fiancé fan pages on social media and even some legit news websites started to spread rumors about him and Kimberly getting back together. Many fans who saw this news, started to bother Usman by sending him many DM on Instagram asking if the news were true or not, and the rapper finally had enough.

Kim and Usman's shocking split was predicted from the beginning of their 90 Day Fiancé journey. Since the start, the fans were always supporting Kim and wishing her the best in the future. Under her new posts on Instagram, you will often see positive comments from her fans saying that she deserves better and more than what Usman can ever give her. In the comments' section of her older posts, you will see others warning her about being his second wife.

Kimberly began working on herself and had a makeover after she and Usman parted ways but agreed to remain friends with him. While Kim was going about saying how delighted she was to be single and thriving, Usman posted a video in which he proved he was single by lip-syncing to a song that said, "Who knows I'm single? "Oh, I'm single." But, only two days after revealing his relationship status, Usman shared a mysterious Instagram story with the caption, "I think I'm in love again." Usman's fresh announcement makes it appear as if he was unsure of his sentiments, but he now has a new girlfriend.

While Usman is focusing on his music career and his new role as an actor in a local Nigerian TV show, Kim is focusing on herself and could be part of a future 90 day spin off show, like the single life.