Usman is returning to the show with a new American woman

 Not so long ago, the former 90 day fiancé cast member and green card hunter Usman "Soja boy", has asked fans to stop circulating fake news about him and Kimberly Menzies getting back together. After Divorcing "baby girl" Lisa and breaking up with Kim, the Nigerian has found his next love and potential wife. Another white and older American woman stole his heart, he seems to be crazy about her by leaving heart emoji comments under almost all of her Instagram posts. This new romance is not surprising at all, clearly Usman has a type, if you are older than him, white and have an American citizenship, that automatically qualifies you as a potential wife for the Nigerian super star.

It appears that the Nigerian reality star is making his return to the 90 day fiancé franchise for another season of before the 90 days, with a new American girlfriend. He has been a part of the show with two distinct women. According to rumors, he will add another lady love to his list. According to a reality tv podcaster under the Instagram handle, Usman has a new girlfriend in his life. His new potential wife's name is Kiera, She's a well known American bridal gown designer. You can see samples of her work on her Instagram @the.kiera.elise, on which you will see Usman likes and comments on every post published by her during the last year.

While this relationship is not yet confirmed, you can tell that something is going on between the pair. It could be that they are keeping things private for now, because TLC will announce them as a surprise couple later on, when the trailer of 90 day fiancé: before the 90 day season 6 will be released. Usman referred to Elise as his wife in several of the comments, which indicates that the pair are not just friends. The source also stated that Usman and Kiera had known each other for more than two years. However, there has been no official confirmation from Usman's side, except for an Instagram story that he shared 2 weeks ago, in which he wrote a caption that says: "I think I'm in love again!". Usman's true love has always been his music career and getting a green card, so we hope that his new lady has watched older episodes of him with Lisa and Kim, just to get an idea of what she's getting herself into.

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé are likely no longer interested in Usman's love life, but if we are going to see him getting drinks thrown at his face by another angry woman, then, that's something worth watching. It appears that we're going to get another dose of him whether we like it or not. If his new relationship will be successful, It would be funny if the consular of the American embassy in Nigeria is also watching the show and keeps rejecting his Visa because of Usman's history with "Baby Girl" Lisa and Kimberly.