The reason Stacey Silva's son Mateo is joining the family business

 Stacey Silva, the star of Darcey & Stacey, has two sons from her first marriage to Goran Vasic. During the season 4 finale, viewers saw one of her handsome adult sons. Mateo Vasic, Stacey Silva's son, featured in Darcey & Stacey season 4, and fans are overjoyed. Stacey is well-known because she is Darcey Silva's twin sister and Florian Sukaj's wife. She has a lovely family, which she shares with her ex-husband, Goran Vasic. When she was relatively young, the popular 90 Day Fiancé series actress married the former Serbian soccer player. She fell in love with the man when she first saw him play professional soccer, she claims.

Stacey and Goran's marriage resulted in the birth of two beautiful sons. Mateo Vasic, the former couple's son, was born first. Parker Vasic, their second son, was born shortly after. Unfortunately, despite raising a lovely family, the couple did not endure long. They divorced soon after having their children. Stacey has done her best to be a supporting mother to her children over the years. However, she has kept their lives private and has not revealed them on reality television. As a result, 90 Day Fiancé fans know very little about the two boys.

Stacey has kept her sons away from cameras throughout the years. However, Darcey & Stacey season 4 changed that, as the mom let her first kid to make his television debut and embrace reality TV fame. Mateo, Stacey's youngster, finally joined the family on their vacation to a corn maze in episode 13. Furthermore, the young man spoke firmly to the cameras, indicating that he believes her mother's new husband, Florian, has excellent intentions. He also said that his mom dated many men before Florian and they all used her for money. Mateo was one of Florian's groomsmen in addition to appearing in the episode. Many people must have been intrigued to discover more about Darcey and Stacey's youngster.

While fans know very little about Mateo, some old social media posts show Stacey revealing some interesting facts about him. Back In 2019, the 48 year old reality star supported her son, describing him as a very shy, bright and talented individual. She also praised his writing skills and as a mom, she's so eager to see him succeed in life. Mateo has a private social media account, but his bio indicates that he enjoys gaming. The young man has a Twitch account and has livestreamed some gameplay videos there, but from the look of it, he didn't stream for almost 2 years.

Mateo could be a regular on Darcey and Stacey season 5, same as his cousins Aniko and Aspen before him, because why not! He's a student and the a TLC check will be nice to have at his age. Even though the show is trash, people are still watching it and the Silva family is still making money from it. If not, then TLC would've canceled it since season 1.

Parker, Stacey's second son, has yet to appear on reality television. His social media, though, suggest that he is an aspiring soccer player, an interest he undoubtedly got from his father. Stacey Silva has done an excellent job parenting her sons, who appear focused and grounded. The lads haven't used their mothers' names to acquire popularity of social media, while their mom and aunt grinding to be more famous every year and to make their business House Of eleven successful.