The reason Paul and Karine decided to get back together

 Karine and Paul Staehle have decided to reconcile after portraying their tumultuous relationship on various 90 Day Fiancé spin-offs. They've been back together for months. One big factor contributed to their reunion, and that factor is not love. The Kentucky native, 40, and his Brazilian companion, 27, are well-known for their turbulent relationship, which did not end well. Following their marriage in November 2017, the couple had numerous hurdles, resulting in some huge drama. From multiple police charges to their OnlyFans scandals, the couple's relationship was tumultuous and didn't improve despite the arrival of their two gorgeous sons, Pierre and Ethan Staehle.

Paul and Karine finally divorced in late 2021 after a leaked video revealed Karine severely beating her husband. Soon after, the married couple lost custody of their sons to Child Protective Services (CPS) because the 90 Day Fiancé franchise couple was not considered good parents. Throughout 2022, Karine worked tirelessly to reclaim her children while Paul was in Brazil. She failed despite her efforts to demonstrate that she was an independent mother with a good lifestyle and a secure work. All of this drama culminated in April 2023, when reports of Paul and Karine's reconciliation surfaced on the internet.

A source recently spoke with In Touch magazine and revealed the true reason for the TLC couple's reunion. The insider revealed how Paul and Karine have made amends to create content for their OnlyFans in order to pay the lawyer's bills. Money has always been an issue for them. One lawyer wanted $12,000 for family law stuff, another wants $10,000. All of these expensive bills are the main reasons why the pair is joining their forces and decided to reconcile. Paul and Karine's major aim appears to be regaining custody of their children, which explains why they've opted to start making Adult content together and sell it to fans, which is something many 90 day fiancé female cast members are already doing successfully, like Larissa, Stephanie and many others.

When Karine dismissed her restraining order against Paul in February 2023, speculations of their reunion arose. It wasn't until April, though, that it was disclosed that they were creating OnlyFans content together. Fans are startled by Paul and Karine's reunion and feel it will be disastrous. According to an Instagram post by a 90 day fiance fan page, viewers believe that the reconciliation is a train wreck waiting to happen and that there's no chance they'll get their children back now. Still, some remain optimistic, believing that the duo has matured with time.

Most 90 Day Fiancé viewers don't support the couple or their reunion because their youngsters are doing much better in foster care. Sources on social media have confirmed that the new family caring for the boys isn't on social media and truly spends time with them. According to sources, the children are more loved and embraced by their new family, which has helped them thrive. The 90 Day Fiancé franchise couple's sons should stay where they are because it's a more stable environment for them. They will have a better future with their new family than with their real parents.