The reason Big Ed and Liz left San Diego

 90 day fiancé cast members Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods' most recent sighting discloses that they are no longer in San Diego, raising questions about Liz's employment status. The bad news is that they are still together, and they ignited heartfelt rumors after being observed by a fan at a DMV. When he first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, the 56 year old no neck Ed went viral. Viewers discussed Big Ed's neck problem and his contentious relationship with his 23 year old "Filipina" girlfriend. Big Ed, who was working as a photographer in San Diego, began dating Liz after his split from Rose Vega. Big Ed and Liz may have had the most breakups in franchise history before they could even marry.

The couple was never ready to marry each other after Big Ed broke up with Liz for the 11th time during the seventh season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Tell-All. He was also caught texting his ex, who doesn't care about him anymore and used his text messages to expose him later. An Instagram post by a 90 day fiance fan page on the other hand, indicates their present situation. It looks like Ed and Liz were spotted in Arkansas at the DMV. They left San Diego for good and moved to Arkansas for the sake of Liz's daughter.

The couple now lives in the Northwest side of Arkansas after another 90 day fan spotted them eating together at a local restaurant. Although Big Ed and Liz were not filming a new 90 Day Fiancé series outside the DMV, there have been reports that they were. Many fans will hope that TLC doesn't put them back on TV because they have had enough of them.

Liz was working as a waitress manager in San Diego when Big Ed met her. Surprisingly, Big Ed disliked Liz going to work because it meant she will spend less time with him. He was noticeably upset when Liz was offered a promotion and partnership at her work. The 29 year old was offered the position of partner at the restaurant Encontro, which she used to manage. Big Ed was perplexed because Liz would have to stay in San Diego to be a partner, despite the fact that they had previously discussed moving. Liz's career may have swayed her decision, but it could have been Big Ed who persuaded her to relocate to Arkansas, where his family lives.

Liz was the one who had originally proposed the move, since her baby daddy was being re-stationed abroad. She worried and trying to fight for custody instead of allowing Ryleigh to leave the country with her father. Viewers would be left wondering where Liz's daughter is now that Big Ed and Liz had allegedly moved to Arkansas. The young 90 Day Fiancé mom, on the other hand, continues to share updates about her child on Instagram, implying that she is still a part of Liz and Big Ed's supposed new life in Arkansas. Just yesterday, Liz was with her daughter and she posted an Instagram story celebrating Ed's birthday.