Natalie looks unrecognizable during a photo shoot session after her recent body makeover

 Natalie Mordovtseva recently showed off her blonde hair in a new style, she also lost a lot of weight to pursue her modeling career. 90 Day Fiancé fans were taken aback by how unfamiliar she looked. She really astonished her Instagram followers by flaunting a new hairstyle that completely transformed her appearance. The 38-year-old reality star is well-known for her physical looks as well as her distinct personality on the show. Natalie has had wavy blonde hair since her debut, which distinguishes her apart from the rest of the 90 Day Fiancé cast members. However, back in November 2022, specifically during the tell all episodes, she was chastised by fans for failing to care for her hair and allowing it to get frizzy. Natalie was advised by haters online to seek a professional hair stylist and to use better hair products, and surprisingly, she did!

Natalie seemed to have taken the previous criticism to heart, as she recently presented a brand-new look that surprised everyone. In her most recent Instagram post, the Ukrainian native showed off her new straight hair while sitting on a sofa. Natalie is wearing a waist-length hair cut parts from the side, which complements her facial shape and looks nice with her black dress. Natalie looked like a different person thanks to her new hairstyle. Her Instagram followers couldn't help but notice her new and beautiful hair style, despite the fact that she appeared unrecognizable and skinnier than usual.

Natalie's new hair and body makeover elicited mixed reactions from her Instagram followers. Some appreciated it, but others believed it made her appear too different. "Not Natalie," an Instagram user said, emphasizing that she doesn't look like herself with the new hairstyle. Another person said, "You look beautiful with the straight hair," implying that the new hairstyle suits the Ukrainian native. Some admirers even thought the photo was strange, with Natalie's head and nose appearing to be too small. "Is it Photoshop or she lost tons of weight doing a surgery?" one concerned fan commented.

Natalie's appearance has always drawn attention. Her most recent makeover, though, elicited mixed reactions because it rendered her practically unrecognizable. Since her debut, the Ukrainian reality star has had distinctive curly hair, which has become a signature feature of her image. Natalie has totally altered herself by going for a straight hairstyle, making her face unrecognizable from her time on reality TV. As a result, it's unsurprising that fans are divided about Natalie's new hairstyle and believe she no longer looks like herself, because that's what people do on the internet, they love to comment about reality tv stars' appearances, mostly in a negative way.

We think that Natalie's new photo is 100 percent edited, as there are hints of the modifications. We don't remember when was the last time that the reality star posted a real photo of herself. The picture offered several indications that it is not a candid shot, from her facial features being weird to her left hand appearing all mushed up. It's not the first time Natalie has been accused of photo editing. The 90 Day Fiancé alum was accused of editing her pics back in January 2023 after one of her pictures online had a "photoshop fail" and made her hands look so gigantic.