Mahmoud reveals his relationship status with Nicole after 90 day fiance the other way ended

 Mahmoud, the new face joining the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, has a bizarre Instagram profile where his attitude toward Nicole is drastically different from the show. Mahmoud Elsherbiny's Instagram account @mahmoud0elsherbiny has a lot of new updates regarding his 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way life with Nicole Sherbiny. The 30 year old Egyptian man, is currently starring in the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off with his 38 year old American wife Nicole, who left her apartment in Los Angeles for this big move. Nicole was on a spiritual journey through Egypt when she chance to stumble into a fabric store where Mahmoud worked, and the two were instantly drawn to each other. Unfortunately, clothes are the main reason for which the pair were continuously fighting with each other, with Mahmoud refusing to let Nicole wear how she wants after they married.

Based on the trailer of 90 day fiancé the other way season 4 episode 11, all of the couples in the news seasons seem to have a big drama going on, except for Nicole and Mahmoud. The pair got married so fast and didn't spend enough time together. Nicole went back to the United States the next day after meeting Mahmoud, then returned a few days later to marry him. Nicole converted to Islam and lived with Mahmoud for only two months before succumbing to cultural shock. She was annoyed by Mahmoud's attempts to change her appearance, such as urging her to cover her body and hair. Nicole decided to split from Mahmoud after 11 months of marriage. However, she missed him after six months apart, which is when she decided to attempt to make their relationship work again. It's also possible that she had an ulterior motive, maybe she needed they extra money and fame that she will get by being on the show, to launch her clothing business.

Mahmoud's Instagram profile is the proof that him and Nicole are still together and living in Egypt. His first post was  made in March 2017, with his brother's kids, as shown on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. He has further photos of his nephews and nieces, as well as a few selfies and images of him working out at the gym. Nicole first appeared on Mahmoud's Instagram for the first time back in 2022, specifically in April. Back then she had red hair. The selfie was most likely taken by Mahmoud when they met for the first time on her first Egypt trip.

On April the 3rd, he posted a new photo with Nicole, who still have the short blonde hairstyle, and as a caption he wrote:" Forever ∞ inshallah". This means that the couple is still together to this day and by using the infinity symbol, Mahmoud is kind of praying that they will stay together forever.

Mahmoud's Instagram confirms that the pair is still together and that they have most likely worked out their disagreements. Mahmoud's cultural peculiarities made Nicole uncomfortable, but he also passionately loves her. Despite their short split, Mahmoud was unable to move on from their relationship. His sentiments for Nicole do not appear to have changed since then. Nicole, on the other hand, wanted Mahmoud to accept her for who she is and sought a compromise with him. The show will gradually expose how Nicole and Mahmoud from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way got their happy ending.