Lidia & Nicole could be fired from Love in Paradise: The Caribbean after thousands of fans' complaints

 Lidia Morel, Pedro Jimeno's mother, appeared in Love In Paradise: The Caribbean season 3 episode one as a cast member, and that made thousands of Chantel's fans furious. Lidia and her daughter got a lot of hate on social media after their recent appearance on the new spinoff show. Viewers are sick of Pedro Jimeno's mother for a variety of reasons.

The mother of 90 Day Fiancé star Pedro Jimeno, has a new partner who she is flaunting on Love In Paradise: The Caribbean season 3. Lidia was debuted in Season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé, which marked Pedro's first appearance alongside Chantel Everett. On the spinoff The Family Chantel, Lidia never liked Chantel's family and even labeled them "stupid Americans." Chantel's relationship with Lidia and Pedro's sister Nicole Jimeno remained strained, as Pedro continued to send them money in the Dominican Republic on a monthly basis. But now that Pedro is divorcing Chantel, Lidia has taken center stage.

Pedro and Chantel Jimeno generated quite a fuss on 90 Day Fiancé, but it pales in comparison to the upheaval caused by both of their family members, notably Lidia Jimeno. The enmity between the Everetts and the Jimenos was carried over into their spin-off series, and many viewers enjoyed seeing Chantel's mother, Karen Everett. The Viewers however hated Lidia's guts and never cared for her. Lidia has made everything about her, from sniping on Chantel to taking advantage of Pedro's marriage to gain more money. Chantel's mom Karen had been always on guard to protect her daughter, and she famously called out Pedro for trying to harvest the American dollar.

The list of why the viewers dislike Lidia is long and cannot be put in one article. The a Dominican Republic native did everything she could to make things difficult between Pedro and Chantel. Lidia's relationship with Chantel was never healthy because the older woman was constantly nasty to Pedro's wife. Viewers dubbed her one of the worst mothers-in-law in reality television history. However, in The Family Chantel, the situation between Lidia and her daughter-in-law Chantel was doomed to deteriorate.

Everywhere on 90 day fiance social media official pages and also fan pages, you will find fans's posting about how much they hate Lidia, they are asking TLC to fire her from the show or else they won't watch the new spin off show season.

The Dominican mom appears to try to exert control over her children. Some viewers believe Lidia is trying to brainwash her children by reminding them how much she suffered for them to grow, trying to lay a guilt trip on them. She admitted to dating a married man and having two children with him. She, on the other hand, never sought to talk to Pedro and Nicole about their father in a mature manner. Instead, when she get's angry at them she describes her son and daughter as mistakes to hurt them.

Fans believe Pedro and Nicole are unlucky because Lidia is their mother. She may have had a tough past, but the way she is currently behaving with her children irritates viewers. Lidia at first encouraged Pedro to get married to Chantel so he can obtain a Green Card and in order for him to become an American citizen later. She is frequently chastised for being obsessed with fame and material possessions. Fans of The Family Chantel don't seem to like Lidia, and many say she is a nasty person.