Larissa moves back to Las Vegas alone after being ch*ked by her boyfriend

 In 2023, Larissa Lima's world has been flipped upside down. Colt Johnson's ex-wife from Season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé was booted from the show in 2020. That was not fair, because the reason for which she was fired was her making money as an adult entertainer online, while many other 90 day fiancé female cast members who were doing the same thing, and they were still called back to film for other 90 day fiancé spinoff shows. Since leaving Colt, Larissa has been staying with Eric, the pair has been toxic to each other and they've been on and off for a while now.

The Brazilian has had a lot happen in her life since leaving the show. At first, she was excited about moving to Colorado, however, she soon began to regret her decision due to a number of challenges. The main reason, however, was a lack of job possibilities in comparison to Nevada. She previously stated that Colorado is a good State for people who have already retired. Larissa declared in 2021 that she was leaving Colorado for good, since she didn't see herself forging a future in the peaceful and gorgeous state. She will then relocate to Las Vegas in November 2021. However, Larissa revealed a month later that she planned to leave the world's entertainment capital once more, and asked her Instagram followers to guess where she was heading next, by giving them three options to choose from which are New York, Miami or Texas.

It doesn't really matter where she moved next because she was miserable there with her partner and roommate Eric. Based on some of Larissa old Instagram stories, Eric was allegedly abusive to her, mentally and physically, and he even kicked her out of the house one time and she posted an Instagram story crying about it while walking with her suitcases alone in the streets. Larissa is blocking a lot of 90 day fiancé fans on Instagram, sometimes for no reason, so if you can still see her profile @larissalimareal, consider yourself one of the lucky ones who she didn't block yet. Last week, we caught this cry for help of a story that she posted and in which she wrote:" Moving back to Las Vegas, Tired of d*mestic vi*lence being ch*cked and the person threatening you all the times, enough is enough".

We are not sure if she and Eric were having some kind of kinky s*x that include ch*cking and she forgot to say the safe word, or if Eric was just physically abusive toward her after a heated argument. What we are sure of is that the man who she was speaking about was Eric, since Larissa wasn't seen with any other man than him since she left Colt, and we also know that she will be moving back to Las Vegas alone this time because she had enough of her allegedly abusive partner.

Larissa was originally called a gold digger by TLC viewers due to her bad attitude toward Colt and his mother, Debbie Johnson. She is now concentrating on her adult modeling career and trying to make it in America. Despite this, many people continue to despise Larissa for her constant pursuit of changing her appearance and opting for operations. Because of the criticism, she has become more private on social media and many times she turns her Instagram to private and black a lot of fans on the platform. If Eric is really as she claims, then we hope that she never contacts him again, but since we didn't hear Eric's side of the story, then we can't really know what really happened between them.