Kris and Jeymi split within a few weeks after getting married

 Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, may not be together anymore after they completed filming their 90 Day Fiancé series romance. The fourth season of the show was filmed and ended last year. Kris, a 40-year-old native of Alabama, confirmed that she was in the US back in March 2023, after she posted a couple of new pictures on her Instagram @crazyboog1 of her and her family in the States without Jeymi.

Kris was married and divorced twice and has two adult children. She spotted an ad for a dating website and met her "soul mate," Jeymi, a 30-year-old Venezuelan lady living in Colombia. She prepared to relocate to Colombia, where she would meet Jeymi for the first time and marry within nine days of her arrival. They had previously broken up after Jeymi was caught cheating. It was nothing physical, but she was speaking online with another American woman and she took some money from her, all because Kris disappeared and ghosted her for a month.

The Alabama native, who suffers from narcolepsy, had a habit of disappearing on Jeymi. During this time, Jeymi had met this new woman. They made up, but Kris' three-day stay in Colombia has been anything but pleasant. Kris has been dropping bombshell after bombshell on Jeymi. From confessing she had a mint allergy to breaking her neck in a car accident and requiring a $100,000 surgery to repair it, she has a penchant for collecting weap*nry. There are numerous warning red flags in Kris and Jeymi's relationship, which is why the couple appears to have called it quits now after the honeymoon phase has ended.

On March 6, Jeymi posted a photo of herself on her Instagram @jeyminoguera at an airport with an intriguing caption. In the post, Jeymi wrote, "Go to home, I miss my boo." While Jeymi did not specify whether her "boo" was Kris, she did leave multiple hints in the comments that she and Kris are done for good, plus Kris didn't like that specific photo with her Instagram, so that could be another sign that Jeymi was not visiting her. "Ooooo a cuter boo than you know who I hope," a fan commented, which Jeymi appreciated. "I think you can do better and deserve better," someone else commented, and Jeymi agreed. Furthermore, she liked a derogatory comment about Kris that wrote, "Especially since she's not following that psychopath Kris on Instagram."

Jeymi isn't following Kris on Instagram. As a matter of fact, she has made no mention of Kris and has instead focused on posting thirst traps posts on her Instagram. Following the fifth episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, in which Kris went w*apon shopping, viewers wished for Jeymi to end her relationship with the American woman. In a recent Instagram Story, Jeymi recounted numerous reactions she received from people after seeing the contentious scene. Fans had sent her remarks such, "Girl, you deserve better," or "run away lol." Interestingly, Jeymi shared these words and responded, "you made my day the happiest."

It's true that Jeymi and Kris posted their wedding pictures on their Instagrams in 2023, but that was just for show. They are part of the other way season 4 and have a specific storyline to show to their fans, so they had to do it, it's probably in their contacts with TLC. Other than that, they didn't post any new pictures together in Colombia, nor in the USA. Kris is unlikely to return to Colombia unless it's to meet a potential new girlfriend.