Darcey and Georgi are officially back together

 Darcey Silva has struggled a lot to find love, as we saw her on every 90 day fiancé spin off show she's been on. This misfortune was compounded when she was given her own program alongside her twin sister Stacey. In 2020, the reality tv star met Georgi Rusev. While everything seemed wonderful at first, they were not a good match. After canceling their engagement not once, but twice, the pair seemed to understand that they are not meant to be together. However, Georgi's most recent Instagram stories suggest that the former couple are back together and their love is stronger than ever.

Georgi Rusev joined the Darcey & Stacey spin-off show as soon as he and Darcey started dating. After a few years, their relationship took a serious turn, and they became engaged. Their love, however, was unable to transcend their differences. The half of the Silva twins revealed that she decided to break up with him after many months of empty promises. When he was married to Octavia, his ex wife and before meeting Darcey, Georgi was a hard working young foreigner, who came to the United States with a dream. However, being with Darcey has made from him a bum, same as what happened to Florian. It appears like Darcey and Georgi have reconciled. Rusev was at a Polo event and posted a set of Instagram stories on his Instagram account that had everyone thrilled.

The massage therapist was spotted spending time with his ex, Darcey, once more. When they starred in Season 3 together after their breakup, things went downhill. On Darcey and Stacey season 4, he attempted to win back his ex-fiancee by purchasing a diamond earnings for her, but Darcey refused to take it and didn't appreciate his gesture. But it appears that they are back on good terms now, since the couple was seen spending time together with their pals and family members. It's true that there has been no official confirmation of whether they are currently engaged again or not, but it looks like Darcey has decided to give Georgi another chance after attempting to move on in earlier episodes by seeking the assistance of a matchmaker.

Before the Polo event, Georgi fueled speculation that he and Darcey were still together by posting a photo of him and her walking down the aisle during Stacey's wedding. Georgi uploaded a carousel of photographs from Stacey and Florian Sukaj's wedding and vow renewal ceremony last weekend.

Gerogi posts proved that it is possible that the third time is the charm and also that he and Darcey are giving their relationship another shot. Perhaps they were keeping their relationship status a secret for the next season of Darcey and Stacey.