Asuelu was caught cheating on his wife with Chantel's sister Winter

 A week ago, Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Faagata of 90 Day Fiancé were in the news, when an Instagram fan page claimed that Asuelu cheated on his wife. At first, the news was a bunch of allegations, however, after a series of videos were filmed and shared publically online of Asuelu partying with his new girl, we can say that Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa's marriage is finished. Kalani from California, met Asuelu, a 23-year-old activities director, at a Samoan resort when she was 29 year old. She fell in love with the Samoan in July 2016 and decided to give up her virginity to him. When Kalani married Asuelu, she already had a baby and was pregnant with their second son. The former couple was still together when viewers last saw them on 90 Day Diaries in March 2022.

Kalani and Asuelu's marriage had never been joyful. Asuelu's negligence and lack of accountability were highlighted when they were on screen. Kalani accused Asuelu of endangering their children in March 2022, and after the program aired, he unfollowed and blocked her on Instagram. In June, Asuelu published on Instagram a post that is now deleted and in which he said: "She's different from how she used to be, she doesn't wanna go out with me." However, because he was under a TLC NDA, he found it impossible to discuss the matter. In another video that month, Asuelu claimed to be single.

The former couple continued to dance around divorce, teasing fans on Instagram that they had split up. They never confirmed their breakup, however. Kalani ceased posting about Asuelu on her page, and he travelled to Samoa alone in October 2022 for a business trip. Later the cheating allegations have started, then, It's possible that Asuelu realized his error and erred again in an attempt to correct it. Asuelu confessed his crime to Kalani, and the couple decided to save their marriage. They may have discovered a solution, but it may not have been the best one. Kalani was given a "hall pass" for cheating on him as long as she intended to make things right. A "hall pass" is a slang phrase that alludes to a couple's agreement. It requires that both can have s*x outside of their marriage, something that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith did many times while trying to save their marriage.

We don't know yet with Who Kalani is sleeping with at the moment, but we certainly know that Asuelu is currently romantically involved with Winter, who is Chantel's sister from the family Chantel spin off show. Yara, Jovi, Chantel and her brother and sister were partying in the club. Surprisingly, Asuelu was also there with them, and from the look of it, the Samoan was having the time of his life dancing around and flirting with Winter while sitting next to each other on the couch.

We doubt that dating other people while being together is going to fix Kalani and Asuelu marriage, even if the couple meant well, the solution they chose is totally wrong on so many levels. It will be better if they just divorce and share custody of their kids.