After his split from Marcia, Mike Youngquist developed a new addiction

 Mike Youngquist does not appear to be depressed following his breakup with Marcia Alves. The 90 Day Fiancé alum is overjoyed to show off his new acquisition on Instagram. After his separation with Marcia Alves, he discovered a new adventurous enthusiasm. The 36-year-old Washington resident is best known for his appearances on 90 Day Fiancé seasons 7 and 8, during which he married his former partner, Natalie Mordovtseva. As viewers are aware, the couple's relationship did not work out, prompting Mike to seek a connection with another reality star, Marcia. Mike and the Las Vegas woman dated for months and appeared to be a good match. Their love, however, never flowered since Marcia did not want a long-distance relationship.

Mike remained friends with benefits with Marcia. Whenever he goes to Las Vegas, he can still call her to "hang out" anytime. So there is hope that they will reunite someday. But, for the time being, the 90 Day Fiancé alum has discovered a new passion in extreme sports and appears to be very excited about it. Mike just published a photo of his "New AJP dirt bike" on Instagram, along with the caption, "Time to get down and dirty."

The reality star did not pose next to the bike in the photo, but instead, he just showed his Instagram followers his new white, red, and black AJP standing in front of a massive hill. He captioned the photo "#bestlife," indicating that he is looking forward to going on outdoor excursions. Now we all know that Mike is a tall guy, he's 6 feet 7, so we have no idea how he's going to ride that bike which looks a little bit small to be honest.

After his 90 Day Fiancé franchise narrative revealed him struggling in his marriage to Natalie, Mike received a lot of sympathy. Perhaps this is why he receives so much love from fans and many favorable responses whenever he posts an update on social media. Mike's most recent Instagram post demonstrates how much his fans appreciate his passion. "Sweet," one Instagram user wrote on the photo. Have fun, you deserve it," she says to the Washington man, assuring him that he deserves a break from all the relationship stress and to focus on himself. "You seriously need a girlfriend that can get down with you in the dirt," another follower wrote, hinting that Mike should find another woman who shares his preferences.

Mike has only dated women with serious compatibility concerns throughout the years. His biggest difficulty with Natalie was his life in Sequim, which did not work out. The Ukrainian model had different objectives and desired a more enjoyable living in Seattle. As a result, she abandoned Mike and fled to seek a career in television. Mike's prior partner Marcia, unlike Natalie, seemed to care about him. However, because they lived more than 20 hours apart, so they decided to call it quits. Nonetheless, the two like each other's posts, indicating that they are still on good terms.

Mike's previous relationships ended because he resides in Washington, but he doesn't consider this a problem. Instead, he enjoys visiting the popular state and driving off-road vehicles on popular trails. Mike also enjoys posting selfies of himself riding his old bike outside. On his Instagram account @bigmike90dayfiance, he appears to be cheerful than ever. Mike has published multiple Instagram reels lately indicating that, despite his breakups, he is living his best life in Washington. Big Mike may not have a woman in his life right now, but his passions and love for the outdoors have kept him busy and made him happy.