After avoiding deportation, Mohamed's first legal job in the US revealed

 Mohamed, the Egyptian of 90 Day Fiancé season 9 cast member has not been deported. He managed to stay in the United States, got his work visa and even managed to find a job, all during his divorce battle with Yve. Mohamed has a fresh look as he greets 2023 without Yve Arellano, and he was spotted by many 90 day fiancé fans who live in Albuquerque.

Mohamed, an Egyptian 25-year-old, was the first to message Yve, a 48-year-old American woman, on Instagram after falling in love with her bikini physique. Mohamed and Yve met in his country, got engaged so fast, and finally, got married on the show, after Yve filed for her man K1 visa and brought him to the State. Despite Yve's suspicions that Mohamed had changed, she still got married to him because it was her dream to have a real and beautiful wedding with friends and family. Even before season 9 tell all episodes, there were speculations that Mohamed had a new girlfriend. That was until his texts with the mystery woman were leaked publicly by her, and that's how he got caught. Yve sought to divorce from Mohamed after the cheating event.

Yve, who is a single mother, has been letting herself to heal following a difficult divorce. Mohamed, on the other hand, has returned to Instagram to show off his transformation. The Alexandria native had been missing from social media for quite some time after followers discovered that he had cheated on Yve and even had her arrested for domestic abuse. Mohamed's first post of 2023 was a video of himself in a salon chair. He was being recorded to reveal his new fade. Mohamed does not discuss his past on social media but rather his future, which remained a mystery to the viewers until now.

A 90 day fiancé fan on Reddit who spotted the Egyptian working in Alberquerque, specifically at Costco, shared a post and wrote: "I live in Albuquerque, NM and today, while shopping at my local Costco I happened to see someone who looked familiar. I couldn’t place him until someone said his name. It was Mohamed, and he was working at Costco. No, I don’t have a picture, I was too shy. But it was definitely him. Just wanted to share". The fan confirmed that Mohamed is still in the USA and doing well despite committing a marriage fraud. It's well known that the US immigration system is a joke, they mostly deport illegal aliens who commit major crimes, while the for the rest of them, they take a long time to deport them, long enough that many illegal immigrants with expired visas or no visas at all manage to get fake identities from the black market or legalize their stay somehow.

Fans in the comments section of the Reddit's post were shocked that Mohamed was not deported after what he did to Yve. From the beginning, fans had little sympathy for Mohamed, but surely they won't have any for him now. Yve on the other hand is doing even better, she's on a self recovery journey and based on her Instagram @yve_arellano recent posts, she proved that she doesn't need a husband to be happy.