90 day fiance the other way: Everything about Kris' ex husband

 Kris Foster, cast member of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, was married twice before meeting Jeymi Noguera. Kris and her first husband, Simon, split back in 2018. The mother of two has an unusual background, which made the fans suspicious and many accused her especially on social media of doing illeg*l activities, like buying, using and selling dr*gs. The 40-year-old Alabama lady appeared in the latest season of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff, in which American cast members travel to another country to settle down with their new partner. Kris met Jeymi, a Venezuelan woman living in Colombia, who became her first girlfriend and soulmate. On the show, she paid a visit to Jeymi in Bogotá, where she planned to marry her within a few weeks after meeting her, and she did!

Even thought Kris and Jeymi split only a few weeks after they got married, they didn't get a divorce yet, but it looks like they are heading that way. Kris flew back to the States to stay there a couple of weeks, and since then, she didn't go back to Colombia to be with her wife. Allegedly, she went back home to go to court and figure things out about her stolen bike, however she stayed longer because things were not good between her and Jeymi.

Even if the couple are not on the same page right now, we hope that Jeymi won't be Kris 3rd Divorce. She has been married twice before in her life, and both marriages were brief. Kris was never pleased with her relationships. She has two children, whom she raised as a single mother for many years. Kris resolved to seek the connection she had always desired when her son graduated from high school. She was dating ladies who were hiding their true selves, same as she did.

A 90 day fiancé fan on Reddit, posted a photo with a title:"Found Kris' ex-husband/ baby daddy", of a man who looks so similar to Kris and has her family name. Everyone in the comments thought that he was Kris's second husband, however after a long discussion and digging, everyone agreed that the man in the picture below is actually Kris's brother and not her ex second husband.

The Redditor who shared the mugshot of Warren, Marcus Austin who was confirmed to be Kris's brother, apologized later and wrote:"Hiiiii! So someone in the comments said her maiden name is Warren so this may indeed be her brother! I can’t edit the title unfortunately but just wanted to acknowledge this! I got confused because of her kid’s last names and she has 3 last names listed."

Kris has always considered herself bise*ual, but she has always been more drawn to women. Same-se* partnerships are frowned upon in the South, particularly in Kris' hometown of Haleyville. This is why Kris would frequently sneak out to a g*y pub in Birmingham, which is an hour and a half away from her home. She couldn't get into any trouble because she didn't know anyone there. Kris had a few close relationships with women, but they were never true relationships because she never went out in public. For 40 years, her fear prohibited her from exploring relationships with women, that was until she met Jeymi.