90 day fiancé: Big Ed and Liz welcome a new baby to their family

 Liz and Big Ed from 90 Day Fiance have had a rocky relationship that has included several breakups and patch-ups. Nevertheless, they keep getting back together as they appear to be certain about their bond and love. Because of their personality clashes and toxic love, the 90 day fiancé fans consider them to be one of the most incompatible couples of all time. Throughout all of this, Ed and Liz welcomed a new family member during the last week of March and they seem so happy about it. Some viewers chastised the couple for starting a family while they are unsure of their future, however, social media comments will never change how the 90 day fiancé cast members really feel about each other behind closed doors.

On 90 day fiancé happily ever after season 7, the couple's problems seem to be never-ending. They had plenty of reasons to break up, but they always end up together. Several times, the viewers noticed that the couple's relationship was problematic and questioned whether they would be able to continue in the long run. In the midst of all of this, Big Ed and Liz have decided to grow their family. They already had two white Maltese dogs, and they had adopted another puppy from a pet store called "Heartland Pets" which shared the following photo as their Instagram story last week, to celebrate that one of their puppies has found a new family.

A Reddit user who is actually one of our admins from our Facebook group "90 day fiance news and memes 2023", took this news and launched a thread titled "At least she's not having a baby to fix their relationship.". It also featured a photo of Big Ed and Liz with a new brown-furred dog named "Liam." Some Redditors chastised the pair for adding a new member despite all the warning signs. Someone even pointed out that if they got the dog from Petland, they had "purchased" it rather than "adopted" it. Another Redditor wrote that Ed and Liz will now have three dogs in their small home. The majority of the people on Reddit who commented on the post, thought that for the time being, the couple should focus on their love rather than expanding their family.

Viewers of 90 Day Fiance have witnessed all of Liz and Big Ed's messy breakups. At the most recent Tell All, he even asked his fiancé to return his engagement ring on national television. Liz was certain that this would be their final breakup, and she said that she would prioritize herself. However, it appears that all of these assertions were in vain. Ed and Liz are currently back together, and beside recently adoption or buying a new pet, they were also spotted together in San Diego on the streets by fans. Big Ed, however, appeared to feel bad about how he treated his fiance on the show. Simultaneously, the latter is working hard to improve. As a result, they decided to give each other an 11th chance, and reunited once more!

Big Ed and Liz will be back soon to TV on a new TLC spin off show called "90 day fiancé: couple's therapy", among other former cast members like Angela Deem, Yara Zaya, Molly Hopkins and their men.