90 day fiancé: 25 year old Miona Bell is now a Millionaire

 Jibri Bell, star of 90 Day Fiancé, made a surprising revelation about how wealthy his wife Miona is and how she turned her 15 minutes of reality tv fame into a fortune. Jibri has said that his wife, Miona Bell, is now a millionaire and revealed how she accomplished this at the age of 25.

Jibri from South Dakota appeared in season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé with Miona from Serbia, whom he met on one of his music tours. Jibri and Miona traveled the world together before getting engaged. Miona later migrated to the United States on a K-1 visa allegedly, because some article exposed them for being legally married already in Serbia, before they were on the show. Jibri was struggling financially, so he had to stay at his parents' house with with his "fiancé". However, when they got "married", their world was turned upside down, mainly because of his mom.

Miona Bell started her own business near the end of 90 day fiancé season 9, according to Jibri, her business start was epic and she made $20K per week selling ponytails. He stated in a recent Instagram story that Miona is now a "millionaire" just eight months after launching her brand, Miona Beauty. The wannabe rapper is known for his impulsive actions and way of talking. Some 90 day fiancé fans love to call him "gibberish" instead of Jibri, because sometimes he just speaks some nonsense just to prove a point.

Jibri shared one of Miona's Instagram posts, where she was promoting her new Mina Wig. He tagged his wife and wrote, "Millionaire at 25." Miona "leveraged 15 minutes of fame" to construct an empire, according to Jibri.

Many fans criticized Jibri for being a "delusional showboat" on the re-post of his Instagram story on Reddit. Jibri was accused of being a liar, everyone who are judging him based his Instagram posts are wondering one thing, which is, if Jibri had earned big money with Miona, then why he doesn't have a team and workers? Instead of packing and shipping the products at the post office all by himself. One Redditor pointed out that Jibri and Miona were not even the "most notable" cast members in their season, and were outperformed by John, Patrick Mendes brother. Meanwhile, another fan remarked, "I'm surprised he's stopped posing in front of random Porsche dealerships long enough to post a story tbh."

Jibri and Miona's display of wealth has long been chastised by fans. Their flexing on Instagram is annoying the Fans who are not ready to accept that the couple's financial woes will evaporate overnight due to a wig company. They couldn't even afford Miona's dream wedding on the beach. Jibri's shows were canceled because to the pandemic, and he allegedly squandered his savings on trips and Miona's visa, leaving him with no choice but to move into his parents' house.

When Miona debuted her wigs online business, she was accused of charging high prices for products created in China. Miona, on the other hand, purchased herself a luxury Porsche for her birthday and gave one to Jibri for their anniversary the same year. When admirers accused Miona of profiting from a fabricated plot, she maintained that it was her hard work that enabled her to swim her way out of a low-income home. She urged her detractors to quit making excuses and get to work. Miona's 90 Day Fiancé followers, however, were the ones she converted into clients in her 15 minutes, and she should be grateful to them for the money she continues to make.