Yara confronts a 90 day fiancé fan who made a rude comment about her daughter

90 Day Fiancé's Yara Zaya attacked a fan for making a terrible remark about her and Jovi Dufren's baby Mylah. A lot of 90 day fiancé cast members are getting a lot of hate online on social media and even in the real world sometimes. Sadly no one safe from the hate mobs, including kids.

Yara, 27, who rose to prominence after appearing in 90 Day Fiancé season 8, was last seen in 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Season 7. Yara flew to New Orleans from Ukraine to marry Jovi, and soon after became pregnant with her first child, Mylah. The pair married in February 2020, welcomed their first child in November 2020, and are now teasing fans about a second pregnancy.

Yara was in Istanbul with Jovi and Mylah, and she shared a lot of videos of the family on TikTok and Instagram. Yara posted a TikTok video showing her "mini-me" and herself having fun at the airport, in which Mylah cutely mimicked her mother's every move. Yara wrote as a caption on her video: "Me and my travel buddy", and her followers praised the mother-daughter duo for being so lovely together. Nevertheless, in a now-deleted comment, one user asked Yara, "Does the tiny one have down syndrome?," to which Yara answered, "Wtf is wrong with y'all? That's a really disgusting thing to say" accompanied with a puking emoji.

At the start of March, The Ukrainian outraged several of her followers by making a pregnancy joke. In a story released on Jovi's Instagram, Yara appeared to be pregnant. Jovi shared the photo without explanation, leading 90 Day Fiancé supporters to believe it was a pregnancy announcement. Yara also released a video on her personal TIKTOK profile of herself standing in front of a mirror with a visible tummy, only to breathe out and reveal she was joking. Yara blamed her bloated belly on having too many margaritas. She also admitted to gaining 13 pounds.

Yara's joke was criticized for being disrespectful to infertile couples. She hasn't mentioned anything on Instagram since then. She's kept posting moments from her Istanbul adventure with Mylah that Jovi has documented. Yara laughs that she's never at home, pointing out that she's been to 39 countries so far. After all, Jovi and Yara met because they both enjoyed traveling. Unlike many of their fellow 90 Day Fiancé co-stars, they met on a travel app rather than a dating website.

Yara is a wonderful mother to Mylah. She cares after her baby girl while running her two thriving enterprises, especially when Jovi is gone working as an ROV Supervisor. It's also why Yara thinks she won't be able to have a second child for a while, as Jovi has refused to become a stay at home dad because he doesn't want to leave his highly paying job. With all of the parenting challenges that Yara already has to deal with, she also has to deal with mean people, who are following her on social media just to leave hate comments.