90 day fiancé: Yara addresses the rumors about her second pregnancy

 Jovi Dufren's recent Instagram story about Yara Zaya holding a "pregnant" belly broke the internet and has the viewers scratching their heads in befuddlement. Mylah's father teased followers by posting a photo of Yara Zaya with a baby bump. The 33-year-old New Orleans young man and the 27-year-old Ukrainian beauty met on a travel app and began their adventurous relationship, which took Yara to the United States and turned the duo become one of reality TV fan favorites. Jovi's work had taken him away from home for months, and Yara was always whining about how she felt lonely for months without him by her side.

Jovi and Yara married in February 2020 and welcomed their daughter in September 2020, but does jovi's recent Instagram story is a proof that they have another child on the way? The couple was being asked when they will have another child, and Jovi has left fans even more perplexed with his post. On Monday night, Jovi shared this specific photo below with no context at all, in which Yara looked to be standing in a restaurant, gently holding what it looks like a baby bump.

She wore a black tank top with colorful printed leggings and cradled her stomach, giving the impression that she was pregnant. Many believe Jovi is teasing them and that Yara's tummy is nothing more than a "food baby.". Nevertheless, this picture went viral on social media so fast and was shared and talked about by almost every 90 day fiancé fan page out there. The fans are always happy when a cast member is expecting a baby and they always run to congratulate the cast members without checking if the pregnancy news was real or not.

Yara appears to have been talking about looking pregnant after gaining weight on Instagram in recent weeks. It's possible that Yara chose to clear the air after followers speculated about her pregnancy. She claims that every time she is seen in public, people assume she is pregnant. Yara responded that they were incorrect since she is not, and that she had acquired weight by eating packs of chocolate, cookies and drinking a couple of Margaritas. Yara claimed that her great abs had been lost due to her rapid weight increase. She also posted a short story later trolling her fans, showing that her "bump" is actually her full belly lying down after a big meal.

Yara is optimistic that she will drop weight soon, and it's possible that she and Jovi are having some harmless fun on Instagram while she does it. After all, Jovi recently told an Instagram follower that his ambitions to conceive a second child with Yara are on hold. Yara, a 90 Day Fiancé cast member, has also expressed her desire to avoid having a baby for the time being because she is focused on her two businesses, and parenting a kid alone while her husband is abroad on business is a challenging task. For the time being, her two businesses and Mylah are the sole offspring of 90 Day Fiancé star Yara, and Jovi only wants to keep his fans entertained.