90 Day Fiancé: Usman reveals his relationship status after being dumped by Kimberly

 Only a few days ago, Usman Umar stated on one of his Instagram live streams, that he was not searching and not ready to mingle with another woman just yet. But things appear to have rapidly changed. On an Instagram Story on Monday, the Nigerian musician hinted that he's moved on from ex-fiancée Kim Menzies, however, he didn't name his new love partner. "I believe I'm in love again" Usman wrote as a text on his Instagram story. He embellished the text with three face palm emojis.

It's unclear whether Usman's next relationship will be featured in a of 90 Day Fiancé spin off, as his previous two were. Unless his new woman is also an American, in that case, for the sure the TLC producers will cast him again.

The admission comes just two days after Usman announced on Instagram that he was single, however he added in the caption that he is still "searching and not ready to mingle." On Season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, the musician shared his love story with American woman "baby girl Lisa" Hamme. The couple married, but divorced soon after. Usman is best known for his more recent romance with Kimberly Menzies, who appeared on season 7 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. The Nigerian is famous for dating desperate older American women. In the hope that they will bring him to the United States one day. There, he will try to be an international famous superstar rapper. His next woman is probably similar to his recent two exes.

His ex fiancé Kimberly, who is 17 years his senior, ended their relationship after a long vacation in Nigeria. The couple had to overcome numerous obstacles in terms of family approval, with Usman's family vehemently opposing another connection for Usman with an older American woman who can't give them grandchildren.

By the end of the season, Kim had been allowed into the family in specific terms: she would enable Usman to visit Nigeria every six months if they moved to America, and she would allow him to have children with a second wife, as long as she's the first wife. Though Kim agreed to the stipulations, an immigration issue prevented Usman from returning as frequently as the family would have liked. Plus, the United States doesn't allow Polygamy, so by having two wives, Usman can guarantee that his visa application will be denied by the US embassy in Nigeria. Kim and Usman's relationship soured somewhere between his lack of interest in her during her Nigeria trip and his desire to adopt his own nephew for Kim to nurture.

Kim and Usman remained good friends after their TV separation and have supported each other on social media since the happily ever after season 7: 4 parts tell all episodes. Yet, the ex-couples no longer appear to be following one another on Instagram.