90 day fiancé: This is how much Darcey & Stacey spent on surgeries in 2023

 Darcey and Stacey Silva had comprehensive plastic surgery makeovers in Turkey, including breast augmentations, Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs), liposuction, and other procedures. The twins addiction to surgeries is scaring their fans at this point, especially after the Turkish clinic @comfortzonesurgeryofficial shared an Instagram reel showing them before, during and after the latest surgeries that they had. It's rumored that Silva twins have spent almost all of the money they got from the 4th season of their 90 day fiancé spinoff show.

On season 2 of their spinoff show, which aired in 2021, the TLC twins startled audiences by traveling across the globe to Turkey to undergo a "twin metamorphosis." Darcey stated that they made a lot of research before finding the right clinic for them. "We wanted everything elevated upon our bodies," she stated in July 2021 to Entertainment tonight. "Everything has just been pulled up. We received a lip lift, a nose lift, a boob lift, and we got "snatched" in the waist.

This year, they went back to the same clinic, because they think it's more sophisticated than other clinic in the States. While the reality stars most certainly saved money by going overseas for their operations, they still spent a significant amount of money at the Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery clinic. They paid for a package which includes a six-night stay at the all-inclusive recovery center with one guest, all meals, meds, and transportation from the airport, recovery center, and hospitals. It is like five-star treatment, and cost a lot cheaper for people who want to make more than one plastic surgery.

On the clinic Instagram page, it was mentioned that the Silva twins got several operations done, which are: a neck lift, chin liposuction, lateral blepharoplasty, fox eyes for the second time, Cheek Lift and finally a revision rhinoplasty.

Breaking down the prices of each procedure the reality TV stars underwent based on the average prices in Turkey, this is how much they spent: neck lift ($2850), lateral blepharoplasty ($1800), fox eyes for the second time ($1500), Cheek Lift ($4000) and finally a revision rhinoplasty ($4500). As for their package,they did some extra lipo areas, such as arms, inner thighs and chin could be added for an additional $415 a pop. In addition, the sisters also got lip lifts and the Hollywood Smile veneer package, which is priced at $6,500. What ever they spent, it doesn't include plane tickets, because those are not part of the package which they paid for and usually clinics in Turkey prefer to let people choose their own transportation method to the country. So overall, The Silva twin spent around $25k each to get snatched again, excluding plane tickets.

Despite being mocked time and time again, and judged her for how they wasted all of their money on changing how they look, the House of Eleven owners show no signs of stopping. Darcey and Stacey are also obsessed with using heavy filters, which again, makes them look very different from how they look on TV, apart from hiding the results of their "successful" plastic surgeries. The twins's Instagram accounts are set to private due to unknown reasons.