90 day fiancé: Syngin is leaving the United States

 Syngin Colchester, a former 90 day fiancé cast member from South Africa, seeks to relocate to another country after divorcing his American wife, Tania Maduro. He has revealed that he intends to leave the United States with his new partner and settle in another nation. The 32-year-old Cape Town native is well-known for being a drunk bum on the show, where he dated Tania Maduro, a Connecticut native. During the couple's first season, they were criticized for their daring, carefree lifestyles and appeared to be a terrific combination. Nevertheless, soon after their marriage, they began to have compatibility concerns, prompting the South African man to divorce his American wife on the tell all of 90 Days: The Single Life season 3.

Syngin has lived and prospered in the United States after his divorce in 2022. His current updates, though, indicate that he does not want to stay in the country for long. Syngin held a "personal" Q&A and tackled some heated subjects in his recent Instagram stories. One such inquiry concerned his next excursion and vacation plans. Syngin confirmed that he and his new girlfriend, Shayna, intend to reside in Thailand. "We're thinking of travelling to Thailand and actually living there," he added, adding that his next major trip should be more than "simply a vacation."

Aside from his probable Thailand relocation, Syngin spoke on his relationship objectives. When a 90 Day Fiancé viewer asked if he planned to marry his new beautiful fiancée, the 32-year-old reality star said no. "Not sure about all that lol," he wrote, laughing. In another Instagram Story, Syngin answered to a fan who asked if he still plans to visit his ex-wife and create a relationship with her. He replied, "Nah," indicating that his relationship with Tania is finished, which is probably for the best. The 90 Day Fiancé cast member stated that his split with his ex-love "should have happened sooner," implying that his previous relationship was too long.

Tania and Syngin appeared to be a good match at first, thanks to their adventurous lifestyles. Yet, as time went on, it became evident that they were not a good match. The couple's differing opinions on a variety of issues throughout the years demonstrated that they probably hurried into their marriage. Whereas Tania desired a stable life, to be a decent housewife, and to have children, Syngin desired a carefree life, to earn enough money, and to relax. Their opposing viewpoints finally led to the couple's divorce. While the former couple remained married for a while after their divorce, they signed the divorce papers on The Single Life season 3 Tell-All.

Syngin has been the happiest after parting ways with Tania. He has recently shared numerous social media posts demonstrating that he is living his dream life with his new partner and enjoying every moment. Because Syngin enjoys partying, his intentions to relocate to Thailand appear to be excellent. The Southeast Asian country is ideal for his lifestyle, as it provides everything from drinks to beaches and spas. Furthermore, it is less expensive than the United States. One US dollar is worth more than 30 Thai Baht, implying that the 90 Day Fiancé alum may maximize his internet earnings.

The South African bum current income is coming from onlyfans. He and his new girl film home made sexy videos and sell them to fans, who pay online for a monthly subscription to see their private photos and videos. The average 90 day fiancé fan won't even bother to pay for such thing, but there are thousands of fans who are paying for this stuff. Thanks to them, cast members like Syngin, Anfisa, Larissa, Stephanie, and even Tania are having a steady monthly income by selling private photos and videos of themselves.