90 Day Fiancé: Stacey looks unrecognizable after her second foxy eyes surgery

 Stacey Silva, star of 90 Day Fiancé and Darcey and Stacey spin-off show, went to Turkey for cosmetic surgery and videotaped her journey and outcomes for her followers. She and her twin sister, Darcey Silva, are upfront about the cosmetic surgery and procedures they've undergone. The Silva twins have previously been to Turkey, where they had a variety of plastic surgeries. The twins were so happy with the results that they went back to the Turkey for more. Stacey showed off the outcomes of her operations on her Instagram Stories this week, and it looks like she got her teeth done again plus her face.

Stacey showed off the end product in the shape of a seductive selfie in the first Story. She posed for the camera, wearing a white bikini top and a shimmery gold sarong and making a serious look. "Love all of my results, thank you!!" she captioned, tagging the Instagram page of Comfort Zone Surgical Istanbul, which is a VIP plastic surgery center in Turkey. The mother of two also included a snapshot of herself wearing a blue medical gown and holding an IV in another slide. The TLC star, 48, smiled for the hospital bed selfie, appearing to be in good spirits. The next slide showed Stacey with her head and face wrapped in bandages, implying that she has undergone some facial surgery.

Stacey and her husband, Florian Sukaj, posed for a couple's photo at the surgery clinic's dentistry clinic in Bodrum, Turkey. The couple also took a casual cheerful snapshot of themselves, naming everyone who was responsible for getting their teeth veneers redone. It looks like Stacey, Florian, and Darcey also spent their vacation and their recent TLC checks at the Ramada Resort in Bodrum. Stacey provided video of their luxurious lodgings, which included a beautiful terrace and a large room with an L-shaped sofa.

Darcey Silva also recently announced on Instagram that she traveled to Turkey and underwent Barbie Touch Up Surgery. She also stated that she had done some breast lift and implants change. The TLC star tagged Comfort Zone Surgical, indicating that the twin sisters were receiving treatment at the same time. Darcey posted a photo of herself wearing a blue blouse and showing off her blond hair results.

Darcey was clearly pleased with the results, and 'Barbie Touch Up' was something she had always wanted. She returned to Turkey in Season 2 after a lengthy hunt for a doctor. The twin sisters had finally found the right doctor for all of their operations. She referred to her journey as an inward-outward one, and she received treatments such as BBL and liposuction on her inner chin, arms, and thighs.

How many major plastic surgeries can the human body survive? That we will discover together, since the twins have no plans to stop having surgeries anytime soon. They will try anything to alter their bodies and looks except for eating healthy and doing some exercises to stay in good shape.