90 day fiancé: The reason Natalie's mom asked to meet Mike after she made it to the States

 Natalie from 90 Day Fiancé recently announced that she's going to be in a new season of The Single Life, specifically season 4. On one of her recent Instagram stories, it appears that she is still with Josh and their relationship didn't end yet. Also, a fan saw Natalie and Mike filming together in public and took a photo of them. However they were not alone, It looks like Natalie's mom Nelia was with them. She has escaped her country which has become a war zone and made it to the United States in 2023 with the help of Mike Youngquist.

Natalie Mordovtseva, was recently photographed filming with former spouse Mike Youngquist, casting question on whether she is currently seeing Josh Weinstein. Natalie, 37, made her reality television debut in 90 Day Fiancé season 7 with Mike from Sequim. Natalie and Mike were an odd couple due to their differences in diet, religion, and their endless discussions about whether they wanted to get married in the first place or not. After the Ukrainian begged him for days, they finally got married in the backyard of Mike's trailer house in Sequim Washington. Nevertheless, as feared, this marriage did not survive, and Natalie and Mike split after a year, after which she began dating Josh, who is from Arizona but owns a modeling agency that operates in Los Angeles.

Despite dating Natalie Mordovtseva for a year, Josh refused to call her his girlfriend because she was still legally married to make, which what we saw in 90 Days: The Single Life season 3. The 90 day fiancé fan shared the photo of Mike and Natalie together on Reddit, before it went viral on all of the social media platforms. This photo is indicating that big Mike is still a big part of Natalie's life.

Natalie and Mike were sitting on a picnic seat at the Long Beach farmer's market when the photo was shot. They appeared to be flanked by a large camera team, confirming Natalie's indications that she will be back for a new season of The Single Life soon. Surprisingly, Natalie was seated next to her own mother, whom 90 Day Fiancé star Mike had financially assisted while she was attempting to flee Ukraine during the war with Ru**ia.

Many in the 90 day fiancé community don't like how good Mike is treating Natalie after all what she did to him. Most of the fans at first wanted him to divorce her and send her back to Ukraine, since it's clear that Natalie didn't marry him for the right reasons. However, due to the war in her country, now everyone is suggesting that he should just divorce her and move on with his life, since the Ukrainian will never go back to her country or be deported. That's because, right now the United States is granting green cards to all Ukrainians who are on the US soil and all they need to provide is a birth certificate to show that they were born in Ukraine.

Natalie's mom Nelia, wanted to meet Mike to thank him personally and face to face because he played a big part in bringing her to the US. In the last 2 years, He sent Natalie thousands of dollars so she could live on her own, first somewhere in Florida and later in Los Angeles. He also sent money to her mom too, at the start of the war, to help her move to a European country near Ukraine at first before he managed to bring her to the United States to be safe near her daughter.

There are allegations that Natalie's boyfriend Josh is still seeing his long-term girlfriend, who works at his modeling agency. According to reports, Josh and his girlfriend live together in Arizona, which brings Natalie and his relationship into question once more. Natalie and Josh began posting about one another on Instagram as soon as the allegations surfaced, and Natalie even previewed their "new season" in a birthday post for Josh on her Instagram profile as a story. Viewers of 90 Day Fiancé have a reason to assume Natalie and Josh are attempting to divert their attention away from the rumours, but her recent encounter with Mike isn't helping matters.