90 day fiancé: The reason Loren was so depressed lately

Loren Brovarnik of 90 Day Fiancé couldn't hold back her emotions as she admitted to "relapsing hard" into postpartum depression, and she later explained why. Loren, who works as a stay-at-home parent, had her third child with Alexei Brovarnik back in September 2022. She has had Tourette's Syndrome since she was a toddler. Loren has been open about her personal challenges, including her experience with postpartum depression. She initially revealed herself when her second child, born in August 2021, was in the NICU for several days after birth.

Recently, Loren started an Instagram live video of herself in her car, saying, "Update on the mental breakdown." I'm sitting in my car because I cried. "I'm not sure why." Loren described her predicament as a "roller coaster," adding, "******* hormones, man!." Loren confessed that individuals who haven't suffered postpartum depression won't understand, especially because she's "relapsing hard." She tried to tell about how her "kids are growing up" and burst into tears.

She added that because she is a Cancer and an extremist thinker, she likes to imagine the worst-case situations. "I'm really extra, in case you hadn't noticed," she replied, hiding her tears behind her sunglasses. "I literally have thoughts on everything." She considers herself "crazy" for having a nearly 3-year-old, an 18-month-old, and a 6-month-old infant. Loren believes that time is flying by, and she is "scared of everything" as her children are growing so fast. "Sometimes I sit in my car and just scream it out because everyone needs a good cry." Loren did reassure her followers in another Instagram Story that she was fine, although she does have panic attacks from time to time.

The 34 years old mama of three left her job as an executive administrative assistant after having two children. Her workplace evidently did not provide adequate assistance for the young mother, prompting her to depart. She is currently a full-time social media influencer, which means she is dedicated to multiple corporate collaborations that require her complete focus. As a result, Loren frequently provides product-related updates and discount coupons in between her sensitive Instagram Stories about her depression and parenting.

Loren's journey on 90 Day Fiancé has been a good one in terms of her relationship with Alexei. On the other hand, she confronts a number of other difficulties, including Tourette Syndrome, which her children may inherit from her. While Loren puts on a strong face for social media, it's difficult for the 90 Day Fiancé star not to talk about what's really going on in her life as she continues to ace the "three under three" life and educates mothers like her about postpartum depression, which isn't discussed enough on social media.