90 day fiancé: The Potthast family is welcoming a new baby

 Back in January, Libby Potthast, star of 90 Day Fiancé, congratulated her sister on her recent pregnancy, despite the drama between the two on Happily Ever After. She swallowed her pride and took to Instagram to congratulate her sister Becky Potthast on her second pregnancy, following their on-screen conflict.

Libby first featured with her spouse Andrei Castravet on 90 Day Fiancé season 5, when Andrei relocated to Tampa to marry Libby. The couple later returned for numerous seasons of Happily Ever After, and it became clear to fans that Andrei and Libby's families did not get along. Becky has played an important role in the drama, and she even rushed at Andrei in a recent episode of Happily Ever After Season 7.

Libby was quick to congratulate her sister Becky on her pregnancy on her Instagram post, despite their disagreement on the show. Libby reposted Becky's message, in which she revealed that she and her husband were so happy for her and wish her the best, alongside a photo of Becky's modest baby bulge. Libby shared her admiration for Becky by writing, "In case you missed it, I'm super excited for @beckylictwerch. I'm really excited to meet her soon!" Libby also stated that her daughter Ellie would be overjoyed to have a girl cousin, and that Becky's son Mads will be an excellent big brother.

Happily Ever After season 7 is not the first time Libby and Becky have disagreed about Andrei, as they have done since his arrival in the United States. Libby and Becky's siblings Jenn Potthast and Charlie Potthast have also stated their dislike for Andrei, and the majority of the family frequently gangs up on him, which irritates Libby. Nonetheless, tensions have risen over time, as Becky was never physically hostile with Andrei until this last season.

Several fans speculated over the years that much of the Potthast family turmoil was staged, and some even thought the family was attempting to get their own spin-off. The Potthast twins are also recognized as among of the franchise's most heinous villains, and 90 Day Fiancé fans are sick of seeing them on the show. Becky, in particular, has a history of misbehaving, having previously initiated a physical confrontation with Libby on a family boat cruise. Becky has had previous heated arguments with Andrei, including a shouting match she began with him on a family road trip.

Becky pregnancy announcement was seen for the first time on her Instagram profile back in January the first. After that she posted another post in February the 4th and another in the 4th of March and each post shows her baby bump getting bigger and bigger. Based on her posts, it looks like Becky is due to give birth by the end of June or maybe in the first two weeks of July.

It's not secret that the viewers don't like Libby and Andrei in general, they mainly love only Chuck of all of the Potthast family. At the end of the day, Libby and Becky are still sisters, and it's good to see Libby supporting her sister's pregnancy despite the television drama. It is also critical that the Potthast family members keep their children out of their personal problems in order for the cousins to get along and avoid the drama. Whilst some fans may be perplexed by Libby's Instagram support for Becky, it serves as a reminder that their dramatic encounters on the program do not define their lives outside of it.