90 day fiancé: Natalie, her mom & Mike spotted sitting together in Long Beach, CA

 90 Day fiancé The Single Life star Natalie Mordovtseva revealed previously that her ex Mike helped her and her mom a lot by actually reaching out, buying a ticket for Natalie’s mom and sending her money so she could fly to Bulgaria to escape the war in Ukraine. She also said that Mike was a hero for offering his help even after everything she did to him. The Ukrainian still has love for her ex, but Mike said on the tell all that he's done with her and will not take her back. This week, a fan spotted the 3 sitting together in the Farmers market in Long Beach, California, but they were not alone, a film crew was on the spot, probably shooting scenes for 90 day fiancé the single life season 4.

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé are demanding Natalie Mordovtseva's departure from the show for a while now after a recent incident exposed her fake storyline with Josh on the show. In 2019, the 38-year-old Ukrainian beauty debuted on reality television with 90 Day Fiancé season 7. Natalie and her ex-husband Mike Youngquist were a mismatched couple, and their differences drove them to split without legally getting a divorce just months after they got married. Natalie's married life with Mike in Sequim was replaced by a thrilling lifestyle in Florida, where she met her alleged partner Josh Weinstein.

Before meeting Mike, Natalie worked as a model in Kyiv. She was also a TV actress, appearing in a number of Ukrainian crime dramas. Natalie hoped to launch a career in Hollywood after migrating to the United States, but Mike's trailer in the woods prevented her from doing so. Natalie relocated to Florida and found the perfect match in modeling agency CEO Josh, but even a year after they started dating, he refused to commit to her. On paper, she was still married to Mike, and she couldn't decide whether she wanted to remarry him or continue dating Josh, who wasn't even ready to call himself her boyfriend.

Many reality news websites stated that Natalie moved to Los Angeles back in December 2022, while she was filming for the single life season 4.The picture below was recently uploaded by a fan in the 90 day fiancé sub-Reddit, and it proves that the filming of the single life new season is not done yet. It also confirms that Natalie's has managed to bring her mom to the United States. Natalie's mom appeared in 90 day fiancé season 7, and back then, she had curly hairs which were thin in the crown area, and the woman sitting with Natalie in the farmers market also has the same thin hair in the same spot which confirms that the lady sitting with her and mike is really her mom.

A Reddit user commented on the post:" is that her mother beside her?" and another answered the same question by saying: " definitely her mother. Wasn't Mike trying to get her out of Ukraine or something like that.". Other Redditors were confused and can't understand why Mike is still coming back to film with TLC after he seemed like he was done with Natalie and the show for good  in the last tell all episode. We think that Natalie's mom asked to see Mike to thank him personally and face to face after he helped to escape a war zone, while the TLC film crew was there to film the special moment.

We are glad that Natalie's mom made it to the States to reunite with her daughter. Maybe the single life season 4 will be interested after all. Natalie relationship with Josh is fake and Mike Youngquist didn't post any new photos of him and Marcia for months, so the pair is possibly not together anymore, which give a chance for Natalie and Mike to consider giving their marriage a second try.