90 day fiancé: Natalie debunks all rumors and reveals her current boyfriend (Video)

 Natalie Mordovtseva moved to Florida to pursue her modeling goals after split from Mike Youngquist. She said that she likes to be the boss in her relationships with men and mentioned that she was a "legendary woman" for her ex big Mike.

Natalie was recently seen with Josh Weinstein, which has everyone speculating if the two are still dating. During Season 2 of the spinoff show The Single Life, the Ukraine native met Josh, the CEO of an Arizona-based modeling firm. She sent confusing signals to Josh, and the fact that he worked with attractive women every day was a source of anxiety for her, since she is naturally jealous. Nonetheless, Josh continued to give She a chance, and things appeared to be heating up. Natalie bragged about having sex with Josh after a wonderful night together, but she wasn't okay with him leaving suddenly afterwards.

Natalie found out that the Arizona native had two children by two separate women on their first date in season 2. "It's not usual in my country," she explained in a series episode aired in May 2022. "But I'm so taken with him. I just can't seem to stay away. " Natalie, however, considers herself "quite jealous," and Josh's area of work frequently places him in the company of attractive women.

Natalie posted a short video to her Instagram Story on Thursday evening that appeared to be shot inside a car. Josh was the first to appear in the dark, blurry clip, flashing a peace sign to the camera. He appeared to be at ease, wearing an Arizona Coyotes hat and maintaining a serious expression on his face. Josh shifted the camera to his left after a few seconds, seeing Natalie standing next to him.

The blonde beauty kissed the camera, and the video ended in a matter of seconds. Josh also shared Natalie's video on his Instagram Stories. Natalie didn't caption the video, and none of them spoke during it, leaving many questions about their night together and their relationship status unanswered.

Natalie, on the other hand, has announced a future role on another reality TV show. She said "yes" on Instagram to a fan who asked if she would be appearing on any upcoming TV shows, but she didn't say which show it's going to be.

Candice, Josh's ex-girlfriend, reportedly told a news magazine that Natalie and Josh are dating and moving forward to another season of 90 Days: The Single Life, however TLC has yet to make an official statement about it. "As far as their relationship goes, I'm not sure how much longer it will last," Josh's ex continued. Candice also informed the site that if things between her ex-husband, Josh, and Natalie don't work out, she'll be waiting "in the corner."

Josh appears to have plenty of options when it comes to dating females. Just Last month, he was sighted with another reality TV star from the 90 Day Fiance franchise, Jenn Potthast, whose sister is Elizabeth Potthast. Many in the 90 day fiancé community accused him of being a clout chaser and called him out for being with Natalie just to be on the single live show. While others have doubts about him wanting to stay with Natalie or having a baby with her after their time on the show finish.