90 day fiancé: Larissa Lima reveals her next plastic surgery

 Larissa Lima who had a horrible experience with Colt Johnson on 90 Day Fiancé, got fired by TLC after she became an onlyfans model and entered the adult entertainment sector. Since then, the former 90 day cast member has undergone numerous plastic surgeries to make herself look like a mannequin which was her dream.  The most recent health update on Larissa's Instagram profile indicates that she wishes to have a bre**t reduction surgery after previously having two surgeries to make them gigantic as in the picture below.

Larissa Lima Dos Santos, the Brazilian 90 Day Fiance star, made a name for herself by exposing her failing marriage with Colt Johnson. She and others like Anfisa, Big Ed and Angela has helped the show to become as popular as it is now. After TLC fired her from the franchise, she worked as a pole dancer in Las Vegas, before quitting to become a full time online adult entertainer. The 36 years old underwent many procedures such as bre**t augmentation, liposuction, lip fillers, abdominal etching, and so on. She did so in order to make her body more enticing to her onlyfan subscribers and to fix some inner insecurities that she had when she was poor, living in Brazil as a single mom. It appears that she hasn't had enough surgeries yet, even if she's only 36 year old, she slowly starting to look like Darcey Silva who's 48.

Larissa provided her fans with an extensive health update on Instagram. She told her audience that she had started working out hard at the gym. In addition, the former 90 Day Fiance star is excited to have a bre**t reduction treatment. But first, Larissa had to meet some weight loss targets in order for it to happen.

Her supporters were surprised following this revelation. They were perplexed as to why Larissa had such a quick change of attitude after spending so much money on making them bigger in the first place. Thus yet, she has not responded to these inquiries. But, she would most likely keep her admirers updated on the entire procedure via social media.

As previously stated, Larissa Lima has had many surgeries that have radically transformed her figure. She also had to deal with the consequences of a botched operation once. For over a year, she didn't have a belly button and she kept hiding it by wearing long and stretched pants that reach her abs. But that didn't stop her from working on herself more. As a result, many 90 Day Fiancé fans were concerned when they learned about her scheduled bre**t reduction operation. On top of that, Larissa revealed a frightening fact regarding her worsening health. This took place earlier this year. The TLC star discussed not being able to go to the gym and her mental health deteriorating, raising many concerns among fans.

By the end of 2022, Larissa Lima had begun to feel so weak that her entire body had begun to collapse. As a result, many fans flocked to social media to discuss this. Some believe that by having many plastic surgeries in a short time interval, the Brazilian has abused her body on many levels. As a result, they believed she should concentrate on getting healthy right now instead of planning her next surgery.