90 day fiancé: Hamza's paternity test results revealed

 Memphis, from 90 Day Fiancé, found out she was pregnant within a week after marrying Hamza, but the Tunisian wasn't confident he was the father. When Memphis Smith disclosed she was pregnant barely a week after they married, he was skeptical. When he met Memphis on a dating service, Hamza, 26, lied about his age, claiming he was two years older. Memphis, too, kept her relationship with her ex-husband from Hamza hidden. To avoid K-1 visa delays, the single mother of two chose to marry Hamza during her first trip to meet him.

Memphis and Hamza met in person for only two weeks before their wedding in Tunisia, and news of Memphis' pregnancy aroused suspicions that she was pregnant before leaving the United States. According to many news websites, Hamza suspected Memphis of cheating on him as well. Before their divorce, the Muslim man sought a paternity test for Memphis and his infant daughter. Memphis and Hamza's divorce court paperwork were obtained by the publication. In it, Hamza attempted to have his daughter DNA tested mainly because he suspected his wife of having "sexual contact with her ex-husband" at the time. Prior to her journey to Tunisia, he assumed she flew to Tunisia already pregnant.

Memphis gave birth to her third kid in October 2021, and Hamza arrived in the United States within a week. In comparison to other 90 Day Fiancé cast members, such as Michael Ilesanmi, who has been waiting for his spousal visa for over a year, Hamza acquired his visa very swiftly. Hamza and Memphis appeared in the season 5 Tell-All of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Nevertheless, Memphis and Hamza divorced in October 2022, just one year after Memphis gave birth to the child. The paternity test result proved Hamza was really the father of Memphis's kid, so the Tunisian cannot escape from paying child support. We found out last month that the court ruled for a monthly payment of $267 for child support, which can be seen as low by many, but since Hamza doesn't have his legal papers yet or a stable employment so the amount is fair.

For the longest time, the couple also tried to keep the baby's name a secret from the public. Kiori is the baby's name, which was recently disclosed. Unfortunately, Memphis declared bankruptcy a month after her divorce from Hamza was finalized. Memphis chose voluntary bankruptcy because she lacked any property that could be used as an asset. Memphis had allegedly claimed to have no income, but a revised statement revealed that her monthly income had been increased to $4,282.85.

Meanwhile, Hamza has been regularly slamming Memphis on social media. Although Hamza and Memphis are said to have been dismissed from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, it appears that they have voluntarily withdrawn from future seasons of the show or its spin-offs. Hamza and Memphis were even supposed to have been sighted filming for 90 Day Fiancé happily ever after season 7, but Hamza has claimed they will not be returning, implying a rift with the franchise.