90 day fiancé: Hamza's monthly child support payments revealed

 After his divorce from Memphis Smith, Hamza Moknii's days in the United States are numbered. The marriage of the 90 Day Fiancé ex-couple could be seen as a fraud from the immigration office point of view. The Tunisian man's future in the United States is at risk. And this is just one of his problems, he was also ruled to pay a monthly child support to his ex and lost custody battle of his baby girl Kiori which he can't see anymore without Memphis' approval.

Before all of this mess, the 26-year-old Tunisian man met Memphis, 34 on an international dating app. Memphis married Hamza right away, controversially during their first in-person meeting. She sought to get Hamza to sign a prenup, but it was too late. Memphis was also expecting Hamza's child, which she found in their vacation, just a week after their wedding.

The former married couple discovered they barely talked or understood each other's languages during their eight-month relationship. The language barrier, combined with trust concerns caused by inadequate communication, caused cracks that could not be mended. In October 2021, Hamza relocated to the United States a month after Memphis gave birth to their daughter. The couple remained together until the production of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5 Tell-All. Memphis and Hamza unfollowed each other on Instagram in March 2022, and she deleted any proof of him. Text messages between Hamza's sister Rawia and Memphis were published shortly after, in which Rawia expressed her brother's concern about Memphis's tight friendship with her ex-husband Justin Sandoval.

Hamza and Memphis divorced in October 2022, a year after the birth of their first child. According to InTouch magazine, legal expert Kathleen Martinez stated that "his marriage appears fraudulent" in the event that Hamza already had a Green Card. It would be a "conditional green card" because it occurred within two years of marriage. In that instance, Hamza's requirement is to remain married. After two years of marriage, Hamza must ask to have these requirements removed, "as well as request to waive the spousal signature requirement."

Hamza must demonstrate that "either he and Memphis" are married for "bonafide, natural reasons, or divorced for bonafide, natural reasons - AKA not for a green card" in order to qualify for the waiver. According to the legal expert, Hamza and Memphis knowing each other for only eight months before marrying and divorcing implies Hamza will face an "uphill battle" to preserve his Green Card status.

Memphis and Hamza both asked for spousal support from one another. Hamza also requested a DNA test on their child, claiming Memphis was pregnant with Justin's child and that his ex had "sexual relations" with Justin during their long-distance relationship.

The court eventually ordered the 27 year old Tunisian to pay $291 per month in child support to Memphis for his baby girl, proving he was the biological father. Memphis, meantime, declared bankruptcy less than a month after her divorce was finalized. Since their last and only appearance on 90 Day Fiancé, the couple has remained out of the spotlight. There are still a lot of gaps in Memphis and Hamza's story, but given that both of them are in hot water after their reality TV stint, it's no surprising that neither of them wants to share too much information in public.