90 day fiancé: Hamza Moknii is mocked by Memphis' foster sister on Instagram

 Since his divorce from Memphis Smith, 90 Day Fiancé cast member Hamza Moknii has changed, not only his appearances but also his character. Nowadays, and after his move to Chicago, He's mainly active on his Instagram @hamza90day, posting cringy modeling and working out at the gym videos. Some 90 day fiancé fans may forgive him for scamming Memphis, but others are still calling him out for what he did to come to the United States and one of those haters is Ingrid, Memphis' foster sister who we saw in 90 day fiancé before the 90 days season 5.

Former 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Tunisian cast member Hamza Moknii is living his best life in the United States. Hamza, 28, and Memphis, 34, met on a dating website and, despite only knowing a few words in each other's language, they hit it off so well that they decided to marry on their first date. Memphis, a mother of two, had travelled to Tunisia for her wedding with Hamza, and a week later discovered she was pregnant.

During the Tell-All, it was revealed that Hamza had already arrived in the United States, and Memphis had given birth to their new child. Memphis claimed she was sick, so fans didn't get to hear much about what happened between the couple following the finale. Fans did, however, read about Hamza and Memphis arguing about her relationship with her ex-husband and how Hamza wanted a taste of the big city on 90 Day Fiancé. He left Michigan to live in Chicago, at the time he was always posting sad IG stories about how he couldn't see his baby, due of Memphis. He was reunited with his daughter in October 2022. Since then, Hamza has been joyful, even content with his current condition.

Hamza's divorce was not an easy one, especially that it happened so fast, in less than two years so he couldn't get his green card anymore based on the marriage to an American citizen, which is one of the easiest ways for foreigners to stay in the country. Hamza also wanted to get alimony from Memphis because he doesn't have a stable employment yet, but his ex wife suspiciously filed for bankruptcy in the same year which made things even harder for him. The court ruled that the Tunisian must make a monthly payment of 267$ for child support to Memphis since she took full custody of their daughter.

The 90 day fiancé fans have been following Hamza' story since the start, and many always write to him positive and supportive comments under his Instagram posts, However, Memphis and her foster sister Ingrid didn't forget what he did and still hold a grudge for him. 2 weeks ago, Ingrid posted screenshots from an article stating that Hamza's is going to have troubles getting his green card now, and she wrote as a caption: "You can run to Chicago but you can’t hide from the truth. ". Apparently the sister is still mad at him and wish for him to be deported.

Mohamed Jbali, Anfisa and few other former 90 day fiancé members did commit a marriage scam to get the United States and they are still not deported, so we doubt that Hamza will be deported. His dream right now is to make it as a model in Chicago and to bring his mom and sister to the States which won't be an easy task.