90 day fiancé: Elizabeth reveals who her father Chuck is currently dating

 Elizabeth and her husband Andrei, a popular TLC pair, are among the most controversial 90 Day Fiancé stars ever. Yet, one supporting character from their plot who has won many hearts is Libby's father, Chuck. He has six more children in addition to Libby. Fans enjoyed watching Chuck Potthast do his hardest to keep his family together, as well as his sincere attitude. His daughter Elizabeth recently turned to social media to expose some surprising insights about his love life. Her Instagram story Q&As have answered many of her fans' questions.

According to the fans, Chuck Potthast appears to be the sole logical member of Libby's family. As a result, they appreciate the wholesomeness he brings to the event at a time when everyone else is battling. Given how much they admire Chuck, 90 Day Fiancé followers wish him the best. During Libby's most recent Instagram Q&A, many followers asked about her diet and life update while others were trolling her husband Andrei by calling him unemployed, which made Libby's angry.

Finally, one fan asked her an interesting question about whether her dad chuck was single or not, and to that, Elizabeth Castravet's answer was:" He sure is". Chuck had previously revealed how difficult it is for him to date after having bladder cancer. That's when a relationship coach advised him to practice self-love before getting back into the game. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé were moved by the segment and hoped he would meet someone soon. Yet, based on Libby's statement, it appears that the search for him is still ongoing.

Chuck was meant to go on a double date with his daughter Elizabeth and her husband, Andrei, in Happily Ever After season 7. But, his date ended up ghosting him while telling him over the phone that she had the flu. The plot did not go on to explain what happened to Chuck after that or whether he had another date with this woman.

The 90 Day Fiancé fans have always expressed their opinions for what they want from TLC based on their massive engagements on 90 day fiancé posts on social media. Vanessa who is Colt Johnson's wife, told Chuck Potthast back in 2022 that she would love to see him as a cast member on The Single Life. Thus, in response to her remark, he said they should sign him up. The fans were anticipating something like this because they know TLC's team is attentive to such situations. Nevertheless, no such announcements have been made and we will be getting the same faces like Natalie and Josh.

When Elizabeth's father was 18, he got married to her mother, Pamela Putnam. Chuck and Pamela were married for 20 years and had seven children before divorcing in 2012. Pamela has since remarried, but Chuck is still single. Besides his health concerns, Chuck may not be ready for the dating world in the USA. It's tough out there even for young people, and the 62 years old grand daddy may have a better chance if he tries to find a partner overseas.