90 day fiancé: Angela Deem's new makeover is making her look 15 years younger

 Angela's name has always left a path of controversy in its wake. It started shortly after her 90 Day Fiancé debut. Along with her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, she came across as an American woman who is so aggressive and domineering. Afterwards, she had weight loss surgery in an attempt to seem younger and more attractive. Angela took another huge step following a series of operations and makeovers. She recently showed off her considerably shorter blonde hair to her TikTok's followers, and she looked younger with this new look.

Angela Deem remains the most divisive queen to emerge from the 90 Day Fiance franchise. It doesn't stop her from flaunting herself and posting details about her life on social media. The 58 year old grandma has recently taken up a new interest. She posted a TikTok video of herself doing some dances. The fact that Angela's hair was not in her regular ponytail drew everyone's attention. She let her hair be free and got so many positive comments thanks to that.

She later posted another video promoting a drink with her female friend, while driving a car, which was a weird thing to do, considering that drinking and driving should not mix together. That's when the 90 Day Fiance audience noticed her brows were different than normal. Many people suspected that she had Botox. Well, the celebrity is honest about all of the operations she has undergone in order to look young and attractive. Some even claimed that her new hairstyle has made her look 15 years younger.

Many 90 day fiancé fans who are following her on TikTok, admired Deem's short hair and they really love her as a person, assuming that everything she does on the show is for the show and doesn't represent the real Angela. Haters gonna hate, so of course some fans were still irritated by her refusal to act her age. In fact, Angela's friend Renee commented on her post, encouraging her to forgo the ponytail and always let her hair down and wear it loose. Fans are unsure whether Angela will listen to their feedback because she didn't react or answers anyone in the comments section.

Angela Deem is not young anymore, that's a fact, but her actions suggest otherwise. Many 90 Day Fiance fans have already stated that her behavior is unacceptable. Aside from that, people criticize her wardrobe choices. Deem recently uploaded a video of herself grooving at a nightclub. All of her actions were as expected, and she even twerked at the end. As a result, viewers began to criticize her in the comments section. They were also curious about how the folks in the club reacted to Angela. And her movements.

There was also a moment in the video where Angela danced so hard that her underwear was fully visible. Evidently, this isn't the first time she's flashed herself. This particular scene was deemed indecent and unsettling by the spectators. Angela is coming back to the 90 day fiancé franchise again soon, on a new spin-off show called 90 day fiancé couple's therapy, which TLC could announce this summer.