Leaked messages between Natalie and Josh Seiter show how high her IQ is

 Natalie always described herself as a "legendary woman", however the 90 Day Fiancé fans may disagree with that for obvious reasons. Recently, a dozen leaked screenshots of messages between the Ukranian and another reality TV star who was part of the Bachelorette season 11 proved that mike Youngquist's mom Trish might be right after all when she questioned Natalie's intelligence and seriously said that:" Her IQ is about as big as a fart.".

It all started when Natalie Mordovtseva slid into the Dms the former reality TV star Josh Seiter on Instagram @josh_seiter_official. She was straight forward and asked him: "How do I get cast to bachelor show?  I am a reality tv star myself too". Josh who already dated two 90 day fiancé female cast members in the past who are Yolanda and Karine, replied to her messages in a professional manner to see if he can help her out.

The conversation started alright but Natalie's messages became more arrogant and obnoxious the more they talked. As always, the leaked conversation went viral on social media like Instagram and Reddit, and the 90 day fiancé community could easily see what Natalie is about after reading what she wrote. One Redditor said: " She is "one of the top stars", Natalie is so out of touch with reality. She really thinks she's some big league star actress. This is the funniest thing I've read in a while. " While another defended her ex Mike and wrote: " And remember, everyone thought Mike was the bad guy...".

It's difficult to believe leaks disguised as text messages since they could easily be faked with photoshop. However, whoever wrote those messages, she sounds exactly like the Natalie that we know, the same delusional and self centered opportunist who will do everything and step on everyone to achieve her dream of being a famous actress in the United States and the world. No wonder Josh leaked their conversation to show the world her true colors. Nothing new to the 90 day fiancé fans though who already know what type of person Natalie is.

Josh Seiter, a former The Bachelorette contestant, has recently been linked to Big Ed's ex Rose Vega. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé accused him of being a clout chaser who tries to initiate phony relationships with every reality star female cast member with a social presence in order to get his name out there.

Josh has made money in recent years through OnlyFans and as a social media influencer. Despite the fact that his Instagram bio states that he has a legal degree, it is unclear whether he is a practicing lawyer. OnlyFans is where Natalie draws the line, she told Josh that she will never join such platform to sell private photos of her because if her mom catches her doing that she will never speak to her ever again.

What ever Natalie wrote, it won't affect her reality TV career in any way, other stars like Angela, Big ED and others have done worse and are still being cast to be in new 90 day fiancé spin-offs. Most of reality tv news websites shared articles about Natalie currently being filmed and followed around by the camera crew of the single life season 4 and that's where we will see her next.