90 day fiancé: Nicole and Mahmoud exposed for committing a fraud

TLC is being accused of fraud yet again, as 90 Day Fiancé fans on Reddit have serious doubts about Nicole and Mahmoud's plot on the Other Way. The producers working on the 90 day fiancé franchise are no strangers to make the cast members follow their own scripted storylines to make their shows more exciting to watch, because filming real couple's everyday life can be boring to watch, doesn't bring enough views or create enough buzz on social media.

Nicole Sherbiny and Mahmoud Elsherbiny made their 90 Day Fiancé debut lately, and people are already accusing them of deception. Season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way stars Mahmoud and Nicole, and their plot is familiar to fans of the franchise. Nicole, an American woman, married Mahmoud, an Egyptian man, and the two are struggling to reconcile their vast cultural differences. Nicole and Mahmoud from 90 Day Fiancé appear to be rubbing viewers the wrong way, as a Reddit thread started by a user who is a fan of the show, had largely harsh remarks about Nicole and Mahmoud.

"Anyone else getting really odd vibes from her?" inquired the Reddit user. "It feels like an act to me." They weren't the only ones who were skeptical of Nicole's plot, as several Redditors commented on Nicole's appearance and occasionally weird manner in the discussion. Others put on their tinfoil hats and speculated that the couple had broken up and that their romance on The Other Way was merely a staged one.

Some readers had elaborate speculations about what is going on in Nicole and Mahmoud's tale. "I'll guess they applied for the show, split up after applying, got cast, and are acting like they're still a relationship only for the money," one fan bluntly asserted. Several other commenters agreed with the hypothesis, saying that Nicole "hated being married to that guy," but knew she couldn't be cast in the franchise until she kept her relationship with Mahmoud going. One fan speculated that Nicole's appearance on the show was an attempt to acquire a modeling contract or influencer status.

Though calling The Other Way season 4 couple's tale phony is a serious accusation, it is not unusual in the franchise. TLC has been called out on numerous occasions for faking scenes and whole stories, leading viewers to question what they see on the show. Many couples have a brighter outlook at the start of their narrative, but Nicole described her initial move to Egypt as a "rude awakening," and she and Mahmoud separated after only 11 months of marriage. Nicole went so far as to cancel Mahmoud's visa and bar him from entering the country. Even throughout their video conference, neither of them appeared to enjoy talking to the other.

There's a lot about Nicole and Mahmoud's relationship that feels strange, so it's no surprise that some viewers are accusing TLC of deception. Despite having visited Egypt several times, Nicole has fundamental misconceptions about the country's clothing limitations. Also, when she talks to her friends about going back to Egypt and seeing Mahmoud, it appears like she is trying to persuade them and the audience that she is sincere. The pair has only recently arrived in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, and viewers are already finding reasons to doubt their plot.