90 day fiancé: A list of all red flags in Nicole and Mahmoud's marriage so far

 Nicole, a 38-year-old California native, embarked on a spiritual tour of Egypt, and her life was permanently transformed. She is now married to Mahmoud, 30, and plans to return to Egypt to be with him, or at least that was the plan based on what we saw so far during the first three episodes of the new season of the other way. The pair from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 4 are now attempting to make their marriage work and here are all of the most serious red flags in their relationship so far.

The first red flag is Nicole and Mahmoud's unusual wedding day. Nicole met Mahmoud just hours before her return flight to her home in Los Angeles, California. After barely a few hours of dating, Mahmoud proposed to Nicole. Nicole traveled to Egypt for the second time to marry Mahmoud. Nicole, however, opted to keep the affair a secret since she knew her family would not support the marriage. They married in the justice department. They wedded in an Islamic ceremony after that. In order to accomplish this, they were forced to crash another couple's wedding. "It was very strange," Nicole added. Because Nicole didn't feel like it was a true wedding, the 90 Day Fiancé couple intends to have a more typical American wedding ceremony in the future.

Mahmoud has complete power over Nicole's clothing style. Nicole had no idea that marrying Mahmoud and becoming a devout Muslim living in Egypt would be such a cultural departure from her life in Los Angeles. After two months in Egypt as Mahmoud's wife, she realized she couldn't do it anymore. She fled and returned to America, intending to divorce Mahmoud. Even when she is in LA, the most of Mahmoud and Nicole's disagreements revolve around what she wears. Nicole's identity is conveyed through her clothing style as a fashion school graduate. Nicole assured her parents that no matter how badly Mahmoud wants it, she will "never, ever" wear a scarf to cover up her hair again.

Nicole regrets her hasty conversion to Islam. THE 38 year old discloses to her parents on the February 19 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way that she converted to Islam for her spouse. She claims she converted two days before marrying Mahmoud out of choice, not necessity. She believed that for the sake of their future children, she and Mahmoud should be on the same page when it came to faith. She soon discovered, however, that Islam was far more than she had previously imagined. "I wish I had taken my time and slowed down." Nicole heard about the rules she'd have to follow as a Muslim and felt an instant regret right after.

It would be interesting to see if Nicole's second chance is a charm now that she is moving to Egypt. The Egyptian told her to close her jacket right after she arrived to Cairo airport after a long tiring flight and Nicole was not happy about it, the viewers could see that on her face. Most fans believe that this couple will end up divorced, others think that the pair are scamming the viewers and are only on the show for Nicole to promote her business and get more clout back in LA. We must wait till the end of the season to find out how things are gonna be between the two.