90 day fiancé: John confronts Jibri "sparkles" and teaches him a lesson

 Jibri Bell caught the 90 Day Fiancé viewers off guard by releasing a surprise video with John while at Patrick Mendes and Thais Ramone's baby shower.

Jibri Bell and John McManus, stars of 90 Day Fiancé, were spotted together at Thais Ramone and Patrick Mendes' baby shower. While Jibri made his season 9 debut with Miona Bell, John was a supporting character in Patrick's plot. While the two reality stars don't have much in common, they clashed in the most unexpected way conceivable at the 90 Day Fiancé season 9 Tell-All. Throughout the episode, Jibri made fun of John's drinking issue in front of the cameras.

Jibri was chastised by John for his outrageous clothing and crybaby behavior. At one point, the two provoked each other into a fist brawl, but everything remained professional on set. Still, there's no doubting that the South Dakota native acted inappropriately during the Tell-All, slamming Ariela Weinberg, Biniyam Shibre, Bilal Hazziez, and others. During the reunion program, most viewers assumed Jibri was looking for attention, but the 29-year-old reality star clarified the uncertainty by declaring that he is an entertainer who likes to clown others for fun.

Jibri "sparkles" appears to be living up to his entertainer persona, as he was recently spotted in a video hanging out with John at Thais and Patrick's baby shower. The video shows the new cast member of 90 Day Fiancé playing around with his friends, claiming to "knock Bini out" in a boxing battle. John, who is sitting across the kitchen island, overhears his antics as Jibri mentions his name. Patrick finds it difficult to choose between the two stars as they argue jokingly about who is stronger. Jibri and John appear to be on good terms towards the end of the video, as they share a pleasant pre-fight posture.

Miona posted images on her Instagram page when the boys were having a bromance in the kitchen during the baby shower. Thais, a Brazilian native, showed off her pregnancy bump in one photo as her Serbian friend massaged her belly, offering love to the cute baby inside. Miona wished Thais a happy baby shower and commented, "My girl, I'm very proud of you! We accomplished so much in less than a year: we went to the United States, married, appeared on reality television, and launched our businesses and brands! AND YOU'RE PREGNANT NOW!" The soon-to-be mother responded to her pal, saying she had a "wonderful heart."

It's heartwarming to see the 90 Day Fiancé cast members communicate with one another as one big family. Because most couples made it through the season with their respective spouses, it demonstrates that they are genuine people who value relationships. It's always lovely to watch them enjoy an unscripted gathering like this. Jibri and John's feud appears to be gone, and they are now good friends. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé should expect the two to pull one other's legs, since that is their social media character. Hopefully, the two will share more interesting content for 90 Day Fiancé fans, who enjoy seeing the two bicker.