Everything you need to know of about 90 day fiancé the other way season 4

 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way will be back later on this January with a new season and with many new fresh faces that the viewers have never seen before in any the 90 day fiancé shows. This spinoff follows couples where one partner is from the United States and the other partner is from a foreign country, usually a third world country. In this show, the Americans decide to move to the foreign partner's home country for love. The show documents the challenges and cultural differences the couples face as they try to build a life together in a new country. So here we will share with you everything you need to know about the new season, the release date and some information about the new cast members:

The Other Way season 4 will air on Sunday, January 29 at 8/7c while Pillow Talk of the same season will premiere in that same day but at 11/10c. In this season, the viewers will be relieved that they won't keep seeing the same faces that they grew tired of over and over again. Instead, finally TLC decided to bring new faces with new stories and journeys for us to follow from scratch.

The six couples that we will be watching are:

Debbie (Georgia) and Oussama (Morocco)

After Molly, Rebecca and Angela, another Georgia native older woman is joining the show by dating a man whose way younger than her. Despite Debbie being 43 years older than her man, their souls connected through their love of art, and they fell in love. Debbie is getting ready to move to Morocco with Oussama to spend the rest of her life there. Debbie is entering the situation with both her eyes and her heart wide open, even though her family is skeptical of her young Moroccan man.

Nicole (California) and Mahmoud (Egypt)

On the last day of her spiritual vacation through Egypt, Nicole encountered Mahmoud at a fabric store. He proposed to her on the first day, which is a typical behavior for  young men in that area of the world especially they meet an older white woman during a vacation. Nicole returned to Egypt three weeks later to marry Mahmoud, not alerting her family or friends until after the fact. Nicole is now ready to go all-in on her move to Egypt, but she is concerned that some cultural differences will be too great to overcome.

Jen (Oklahoma) and Rishi (India)

This looks like another Jennie and Sumit situation, Jen passed on Rishi after meeting him in a hotel lobby during a trip to India. After a month, she accepted his marriage proposal. Rishi is under a lot of pressure from his family since they want to organize an arranged marriage for him, and to make matters worse, they are unaware of his relationship with Jen.

Gabriel (Florida) and Isabel (Colombia)

Gabe is a burgeoning entrepreneur who travels to Colombia on business. He's also a transgender man who meets Isabel, who accepts him for who he is. Their worries of acceptance grow stronger as their friendship grows stronger.

Kris (Alabama) and Jeymi (Colombia)

This season of the other way continues to be lgbtq+ friendly by bringing us this new couple. Kris has overcome numerous obstacles in her life and is now establishing a solid foundation for her family in the United States. She puts everything on the line in order to relocate to Colombia and marry Jeymi, whom she has never met in person. Their wedding is just a few days after Kris arrives in Colombia, so the clock is ticking.

Daniele (New York) and Yohan (Dominican Republic)

Many of the 90 day fiancé viewers who watch Love in Paradise: The Caribbean may feel familiar with this couple. This pair is no stranger to the difficulties that come with living separate lives in different countries. Daniele is now leaving her home and work in New York in order to persuade Yohan to make the Dominican Republic their permanent home.