90 day fiancé: Yara has a serious message for her haters

 Just recently, Yara Zaya has been getting a lot of hate online, more than she could handle. The situation made her so furious with the 90 day fiancé community which made her turn off her Instagram comments' section for a day. It all started after she shared a couple of pictures on her Instagram account @yarazaya showing off her new body after having a new "b00b job" surgery. The pictures were taken during her recent vacation with Jovi on a beautiful beach in Punta Cana which is a fantastic touristic Town in the Dominican Republic.

On Sunday, The Ukrainian posted two 1 min long Instagram stories, ranting about how cruel some fans were to her online and she said: " So I just turned off the comments on my last post because oh my gosh! All the negativity what the hell!! I have to be honest that I'm so tired of the negativity and I don't want it in my life. All these people don't understand that I always was like this, or the pose makes it different, but I don't wanna explain myself right. ". Her comments were targeted to people who were criticizing her for having a b00b job calling Yara out for being fake and starting to look like Darcey and Stacey gradually.

Yara defended her looks by saying that her body looks that way not from surgeries, but obviously because she goes to the gym every single day. She asked her haters to shut up because they don't know what she was going through, which is having and br**st feeding her baby for 17 months, which made her chest drop down a little bit and its shape it's not as good as before. Her statement was impulsive and weird because most of the 90 day fiancé viewers are women over 30 and for sure thousands of them also had one baby or more and can relate to Yara, so generalizing her haters was wrong. She finished the first Instagram story by saying that she had the opportunity to have and afford this surgery, so why wouldn't she do it, and asked everyone to stop judging her.

The haters comments seemed to really touch a nerve with Yara, which made her upload a second video to defend her life choices. Most people calling her fake, saw old pictures of her in which she looks nothing like the Yara that everyone knows now. Having a nose job, dying your hair blond, having many extensions, getting lip fillers, Botox and finally a b00b job can really change a person fully like 360 degrees.

The second story video has Yara again telling her haters fans to shut their mouth, and they are called fans because they follow her on Instagram just to talk trash on each of her posts. The Ukrainian screamed that every woman has a choice and every woman can look the way the wants to look because she wants that and nobody should judge her. She also said:" Thank you everybody who support me, but for everybody who doesn't support me, I just want to say, you got no better things to talk about except other people looks? and there was a question like what are you teaching your daughter?". And to this her answer was:" I'm teaching my daughter to be happy in her life and do whatever makes her happy."

It's well known that once you put yourself out there in the world, then expect to get criticism and haters. Yara is part of one of the most viewed reality shows worldwide right now. She did this by choice, no one forced her to join the show so why having viewers judging her life choices is such a big surprise for her? Even the most lovely and peaceful people on tv have haters. The Ukrainian can avoid these issues completely by not checking her social media's comments sections anymore, which a lot of celebrities do to keep their mental health in a good place.