90 day fiancé: Veronica reveals her new boyfriend after dumping Jamal

 Back in December 2022, Veronica Rodriguez shocked the 90 day fiancé community after revealing that she was dating a fellow franchise costar who surprisingly was no other than Kim Menzies’ handsome son Jamal. Before him, she gave Justin Foster a chance and was filmed dating him during season 3 of 90 Day: The Single Life, but that didn't end so well. Justin was a playboy, who lied to Veronica just to get her to sleep with him.

During the tell all episodes, everyone sew and knew that Veronica and Jamal won't stay together for long especially that Kim's son was sleeping around in the same time while dating Tim's ex, but no one expected that Veronica was going to find another man so fast at the beginning of the new year.

Veronica stated that she met Jamal after reaching out to him for travel recommendations in his hometown of San Diego and the rest was history. Her exact words were:" So, I was like anything, you know, I should see or things like that, and he was like, ‘I will be in San Diego and I will meet you and take you to dinner if you would like. I didn’t expect it to go anywhere, but we just really, really hit it off". Jamal and Veronica admitted to spending the night together and agreed that it wouldn't be the last time they saw each other. While Jamal readily acknowledged to sleeping with other people, Veronica was "open" to the notion as well, but she was too "lazy" to pursue someone else. All of this proved that Tim Malcolm was right when he said that Veronica was easy and accused her of sleeping with men too fast just after the first date.

Despite Tim's harsh comment, Veronica kept proving that she's an independent and strong woman who isn't afraid to go after what she wants. Just after leaving Jamal because that relationship wasn't going nowhere, Veronica recently shared a story on her personal Instagram page @vepyrod. The story was a cute selfie of her with her new man who was kissing her on the cheek and from the caption of the story, it looks like she got herself into another long distance relationship but with an American man and not with a foreigner. Even though on the single life season 3 she said that she was against long distance relationships, but now, it seems like that she's open to it.

Some fans on social media tried to spread some rumors about the identity of her new man by sharing the picture below, but that's not him. That is Veronica's ex Grant Glaser. The fans may know very little about Grant, but he seems like a nice and normal guy who was another bad match for Veronica and the two are not a thing anymore.

Veronica could be hiding the identity of her new man for a chance to be cast again in the 90 day fiancé spin off the single life. Some of the fans want her to go back together again with Tim, but that ship has sailed. Tim has already moved on and he's been dating a new South American woman called Linda Ramirez for more than two years now.