90 Day Fiancé: Kimberly spotted bad mouthing Big Ed behind the scenes

 During TLC's 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After season 7 tell-all on Sunday, many of the couple gave an update about the status of their relationships. Some of the cast members also got the chance to hang out together in New York before going to the studio. Jennie, Kimberly and Yara were together in one ride at some point after the tell all and during the trip, Yara decided to shoot another of her funny and controversial social media video posts in which Kimberly was filmed talking trash about Big Ed who really got on her Nevers during the filming of the tell all episodes.

Kim Menzies claimed to be done and over with Usman "Sojaboy" Umar on multiple occasions, but somehow she keeps coming back to him like Liz keeps coming back to Big Ed. The 52 years old mentioned that she and her Nigerian man are now friends with benefits until something else comes up. The fans are wondering on social media about what benefits Kimberly is talking about since Usman barely has any intercourse with her, nor spending any of his Nigerian Naira on her.

Even after she agreed that Usman can have a second wife, and somehow accepted the idea of adopting his nephew, the pair is still struggling to make their relationship work. Everyone knows that Usman's dream is to take his rap career to the next level by moving to the United States, but to do that, he can't have a second wife. Kimberly should be the first and the only one because without her, his chances of moving to the states are close to nothing.

Each of them believes that the other is not sacrificing enough, Usman once said:" Kimberly does not understand the kind of sacrifices I'm making to be together in life. She walks away all the time. Then later, she come back and says sorry. Things that I care about is who is that person that can give me peace, and I think we'll never have peace, me and Kimberly."

During the tell all, Big Ed triggered Kim so much that after the filming ended, Jamal's mom started to hold a grudge against him and this can be shown in the video that Yara shot of her.

In the video we can see Jennie and Kimberly and also hear Yara's voice who was filming them with her phone. Kim Holds a pen and a Big Ed's sticker which he leaves everywhere he goes and she said:" So I found this Big Ed sticker in the car and we are all you know filming, and he was such a do*chebag to us today. So I'm gonna get back to San Diego and gonna get a big f****** sticker that says Queen Kimberly to cover his face. ". Then, she called Ed "a little b*tch" and continued her speech: " So, he thinks he's Big Ed but I'm queen Kimberly.". Yara also confirmed that Big Ed really leaves stickers with his face everywhere he goes. Let's not forget that he also has a tattoo of his own face, which screams I'm a narcissist in many ways.

Queen Kimberly really put Big Ed in this place with this hilarious video, we wonder if he will reply to her on his social media channels or if he will let it pass. The viewers don't think there will be a future for her and Usman, but possible that she will be in a future season of the single life after being completely done with the Nigerian for good.